ANNALISE KEATING-The Proctor Of Archfiends

The woman who would be skilled in getting people off,you know not in a sexual way but in a serious way as a lawyer and as a teacher as well. She would be an amazing person at the base level but when you take at a in-depth look at her we will lean a lot about her. So in this one I will take a look at her cases and her personal life which will give you an idea about her character and her role in the show. So let’s take a look at her character and break it down in this article.

Her Role,

Obviously she would be the lead of the show and she will bear the burden of her decision and her associates decision. The plot of her show lies there,her ability to clean up the mess of anyone. I mean anyone who is willing to pay her fees. I know that sounds cut and dried but as always winners can’t be pickers. She will also play a mentor role for the interns that would be working in her law firm for experience. She would have her work cut out for her because she has to take care of the students as well as handling the case. Kudos to her for doing all that and staying sane.

Her Professional Life,

She will have a weird professional life as she will be solving cases for some dangerous people. However that wouldn’t be much of a problem before meeting the new squad of interns as the job would get a lot interesting due to their antics and theatrics during the internship. She will have to balance the team and when they would do something unspeakable she would have to get them out of that trouble. However we know that’s not easy which will make her job a lot more interesting.

Her Personal Life,

She would have a happy married life. Well till a certain extent and her marriage would only happen her husband would cheat on his first marriage. It would be a messy start to a relationship but it would be a blossoming one. However it will go to haywire when both will have affairs in their marriage. The affair won’t ruin their marriage it will cause chaos in the plot of the show. I mean crazy chaos which will cause the life of many. She will screw up her own personal life to save the integrity of the students.

As A Professor,

She would be a good professor who would select interns at the start of the semester for internship in her personal law firm. It would be a chance for them to learn about the business. A nice idea which would be different during this new semester. She will also pick an extra student this time and the reason would be explained in the later part of the show. She will also be a professor in office where she will bring the best and wicked out of the students to solve the tough cases and it would be a high success.

So have you watched the show? Do you like her character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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