BARBARA & LESLIE-The Commissioners Companions

‘Behind every successful man there is a woman”. That would be proved once again with our beloved commissioner of Gotham. Why is it two? What happened in his life. Pretty much from psychopathic killing to a psychopath in training. What? Both of them are crazy? Sounds unlucky for Gordon right? What would he do and would he be the one to blame? So let’s take a look at them today shall we? Let’s go.

Barbara Keaton,

She would be the woman of the hour who would actually be Barbara Gordon but she would also have some wild story line in the show. She will go so crazy when James would break with her and she will not take it really well. She will go crazy but James will try to calm her down but she will even be kidnapped by a serial killer to be killed but she will become his girlfriend. Yeah I told you crazy!! She would go to jail because of that and meet other villains and yeah she would escape because of them and do more crazy things. So watch the show for those moments.

Leslie Thompkins,

She would be the doctor in the show with whom Gordon would fall in love,you know when Barbara turned crazy. She would be a close confidant of Bruce but in this show she would be show in a different limelight. She would become the girlfriend of James and she would start to manipulate him little by little. You know to a point where he would question every one of his decision. She would also do something in the show that would be considered spoilers so check it out for your own.

So what do you think about these characters? Let me know in the comments down below. I know it’s a little short but there are plenty of spoilers so watch the show to know more.

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