BARNEY STINSON-The Slick Seducer

“When I’m sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead”. The quote which summed up the characteristics of the most awesome character ever created in television history. He is cool,astonishing,always on top of things regardless of it being a women or situations and looks good while performing his antics. He is the one who keeps everything light considering the theme of the show. He comes in says something dirty gives a high-five and ends his day with a women. He does everything in his own style. What style?He has a very unique style which I can’t even explain in this article. So let’s dive into the world of Barney and see why he is termed as the king of suits,women and much more.

Barney In The First Few Seasons,

In an episode it would be revealed that Barney was always not awesome. What?I know it’s shocking to see but he would be a virgin hipster before a sad incident. This incident would change his lifestyle forever. He would be working in a coffee shop with his girlfriend and they would plan to  go to the peace corps together,till a guy in the suit would steal his girlfriend. This anger would push him right into the great hands of awesome. He would suit up and swear to take his revenge. It would take time but he would succeed in the end of the show.

Barney’s Professional Life,

No one would know what his profession would be till the end of the show. Whenever he is asked he would say “Please!!!”. I’m not going to show the answer because it would be an amazing show and i want you to enjoy it on your own. He won’t be too shabby though with his style of spending. He would spend a crap ton of money in suits. Don’t get too shocked when you see his wardrobe. Also he would have a giant ass TV and a great house. He would be a freestyle blogger and an author for books like Bro code and the Playbook.

Barney’s Love Life,

He would be the king of bimbos. Sorry for the disrespect but that’s the truth. He can seduce any women with his style because of his determination. He would write all his success and conquest in a book called the Playbook which he would use it to teach Ted and the others. In this playbook he would have every tips and tricks to pick up women. For those who have trouble picking up women his playbook is available in life. Just read it and you would be transformed completely. He won’t have a love interest in the show until his night with Robin. Yes the robin that Ted went out with. What?????I know it would be really awkward but they would still be friends considering their past. It would get a bit awkward in the end but it won’t bother them that much. Apart from this love triangle Barney would try to be in a relationship only with a handful of women. This would be directly tied with his past.

Barney’s Childhood,

He would have a real sketchy childhood and the best example i can give is Phoebe from FRIENDS. This would be the main cause for his trust issues and for his attitude towards women. He would have a troubled naïve past but it won’t affect his life until his girlfriend betrayal. This would unravel the awesome Barney which is actually a good thing for us.His mother would be a whore who would be a great parent but worst as a women. She would raise him on her own and she would forbid the birth father of Barney to be a part of the family. He would grow up without the guidance of his father and finally when he would meet him it would be a great emotional episode. Till that point you would have seen Barney in a cheerful way,always being positive and fun but in that one he would show his pain and it made me feel sad for him even though he is a womanizer.

Barney As A Friend,

He would be the friend that everybody would like to have with his unbelievable energy and passion towards everything. He would always help his friend regardless of the situation. He would be the model bro even writing a book about it called the bro code. So if you want to improve your skills in friendship the book is available in life. Just get it and give it a read. “Whatever you do on this life,it is not legendary if your friends are there to see it”

Barney’s Awesome Quotes,

He has a lot of amazing quotes like “Challenge Accepted” and “True Story” and my personal favorite “It’s going to be Legend….wait for it…Dary!!!!”. He also wants everyone to “Suit up” especially Ted. He even has a song for it. He would also like to take challenges seriously,like buying a crown to prove that he is the king in scoring. He is also a good liar and that is an obvious one but his quote about lying is “A lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth”. He also throws out some random laws like the lemon law or the platinum rule. His rules on brotherhood or women would always make you laugh out loud. There are plenty of his quotes in the show and i want you to enjoy them on your own.

There are a lot of amazing thing about him in the show. I love him as a character and i try to follow him in many aspects for my life. After watching the show you would follow him too. He is just that kind of character. No one holds a candle to him in terms of his quotes. Barney Stinson thank you for your service in TV. 🙂

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