CARRIE MATHISON-The Intrepid Agent

The sincere agent who cares for her country more than anything. She is dedicated to her work and she knows how to get the job done. She will be slightly off her zone and that would be the result of her medical condition which she would hide from the agency but it will be used as leverage against her by the enemies of the state. This strategy will be the go to one by the villains most of the time and she won’t have an answer to it but this cowardly strategy  won’t stop her from being the best in her job.

Her career,

She would be a prolific agent who would always be on the look out for danger and she knows how to deal with those dangers. During one of her Intel raids she would come across news about an american prisoner of war has been turned and that he will return for revenge. She won’t believe the Intel but she will be on the look out and to her amazement the agency will find a soldier who was thought to be K.I.A(Killed In Action) has been found. This will alert her to the presence of a mole and she will act swiftly and without the help of the agency.

Her love life,

This is a little complicated because she won’t be in a place to have a perfect life picturing herself with a husband and kids but this will all change when she would meet Sgt Brody. He would be the light in the dark tunnel an apt metaphor for her job. She would be reluctant at first but she will eventually fall for him. The guy she would be chasing would turn out to be the love of her life. It’s just a little game that life likes to play with everyone. They will be attracted to each other and they will even have a kid.

Her kid,

This kid will be the unluckiest in the world because there won’t be a father to raise and a mom who would be a little distant from the kid. This will change when Carrie would leave the agency. She will settle down with her kid and live her life as a single mom.

Her family,

She would be the bad ass agent because of one reason. Her family to catch her when she goes a little too far. Her sister would be the one who would give her with medication and she would always protect her sister. Carrie would get her condition from her dad and it would be hard for her sister to take care of two people with the medical condition but she will do a great job at it. Carrie would be safe and comfortable at her job because of her family taking proper care of her.

Her medical condition,

She would have a serious medical condition which would be really make the villains job a little too easy. She will have a bipolar disorder and if she gets out of hands there is pills to control her and if she doesn’t take the pills or if they are taken away from her the only way to control her is electric shock to the brain. It’s sad but the only way to control her and bring her to a normal state.

She might have a medical problem that won’t make her weak. She would take it has a challenge and she will succeed in it just like she always does. She will reach certain new heights at her job in the agency which would also end her career at the agency. The reason for that is a big spoilers so watch it and learn it on your own. You won’t regret it.

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