CASTLE-Top 5 Kate Beckett Moments

We are made from the cause and effects of reality. What does that mean? The decisions that happens around us will shape our future and what we do. That would be explained with the perfect example in Kate. Her life would be shaped after a sad cold night where her mother would not get to the family dinner on time and when they would return to see what happened they would get to know about her murder and from that point on everything in her life would be decided by that incident. And today we are going to take a look at her best moments in the show. Let’s get started shall we?

5. Being The Best Detective,

So this one would be a simpler one but her best moments in the show comes from being the best detective at the 12th prescient. Even before Castle arrived she would be the best there and that would be showcased when she would certain cases. She would also be the best at interrogation and getting answers from the suspects and sometimes even outshining Castle in solving cases. Also showing utmost professionalism while doing it.

4. Solving Her Mother’s Case,

Now I talked about this in Castle’s best moments as well and I think it should be on both of their best moments because it would be a team work. Now it would not come without losses,mental fatigue and physical damage but in the end they would solve the case and put the man behind bars. That episode would be satisfying for the characters in the show and for us fans. So don’t miss the best moment of both Castle and Kate.

3. Becoming The Captain,

Now the 12th prescient would have two captains through the course of the show but near the end there would be a chance for Kate and she would take that chance and become the captain of the prescient that she was a detective in once before. Obviously it would mean she would have a different job title and description but that wouldn’t change her from being bad ass on / off the field. However it would change one thing but that is spoilers. So look out for that.

2. Marrying Castle,

Again this would be on both of their best moments but it would be a great one for Kate because she would lose Castle for a time and their wedding plan would get ruined. And when he would come back they would get some time off from their marriage plans. However they would decide to get married and elope and that would be a best moment for both. And one of my personal episode in the show.

1. Chosen For A Senate Position,

After becoming the captain of the prescient she would be selected for a senate place and it seems simple right. Well no it would be one of the toughest interviews and you can even learn about how bullying style of interviews work. And I think that’s where Kate had her best scene. You know when they would rail road her with questions she would not melt down under pressure but instead show her attitude and secure herself the job.

So what’s your favorite moments in the show. And favorite Kate moments in the show. Let me know in the comments down below.

I have already talked about the show and her role in the show. So go and check it out.

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