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Today the main concept of the article would be talking about the top 5 moments of the 12th prescient and the other characters in the show. They would also have some great moments in the show and sometimes that would tied to the main cast but that’s alright because it would be a best moment for everyone. So we are going to be looking at them all and their best moments as a show. These are my personal favorites and you can let me know in the comment section down below. So let’s get to it shall we?

5. Saving Beckett’s Life,

Castle as a show is famously known for his continuous episodes which would have a thrilling story showcased with a week interval and at the first iteration of that we would see a serial killer obsessed with Nikki Heat,Kate’s fictional character and he would try to kill her but the cops would think they would have closed the case but it would not be the case. When Castle’s mom would say give me a hand and that would trigger Castle about the case and he would save Beckett with that clue. Overall a thrilling moment and a best one.

4. 3xk Cases,

The show always would have a dark grim tone when the killer on the cards would be 3xk. His presence would be weird since he would become a rival to Castle at his introduction to the show. There would be a lot of best moments when he would be on the show from framing castle,using his girlfriend to commit crimes and finally getting stopped by Castle and the team after a lot and lot of hardships. Overall I would say his presence have given out a lot great moments in the show.

3. PI Cases,

After a while Castle would not be working with the 12th prescient and there would be a lot of factors for that but unfortunately all of them are spoilers so look out for them but the awesomeness would start when Castle would try to be smart and start a PI office to join the prescient and it would eventually become a family business with Alexis taking over and solving cases but at the same time it would introduce some new characters to the show.

2. 12th Prescient,

I think the best moments in the show would happen inside the 12th prescient. From the side characters showcasing the importance to the team solving weird and tough cases along with awesome interrogations and prisoners escaping standoffs,unique captains and the sheer number of memories made by everyone. So I think it gave a lot of best moment to me and many other fans.

1. Catching The Big Bad Guy,

I talked about how Kate and Rick would catch the main bad guy who would cause the death of Kate’s mom but that would not be the case. He would just be a pawn in the grand scheme of things and they would find out about this and research for the real villain and they will eventually find him and it won’t be a smooth ride for anyone involved but it would become satisfying in the end.

So these are my favorite moments from the show. What are your? Let me know in the comments down below.

I have talked about the concept of the show and what you can expect from it and the characters of the show individually so go and check them out.

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