CASTLE-Top 5 Richard Castle Moments

“There are two type of folks who sits around and think about how to kill people. Psychopaths and mystery writers. I’m the kind that pays better. Who am I? I’m Richard Castle. I really am ruggedly handsome aren’t I?Every writer needs inspiration and I found mine. Detective Kate Beckett. Nikki Heat the character I’m writing base off you. Thanks to the mayor I get to be on the cases. Together we catch killers.” That entire monologue would be explained by Richard Castle himself and I think you would get his character from that. If not I talk about his role and characters separately so go check it out. But today we are going to talk about his top moments in the show. Let’s go.

5. The Family Man,

He might be a bit of a playboy at the start of the show and his marriage would ended badly but he would be a prime example for everyone on how to be great father and a son. He would make jokes about his mom on how he raised him but his family bond would be the vocal point of the show. He would also have a teen daughter but she would far more intellectual than Castle that she would give him advice and ideas from time to time. And he would solve a lot of cases when he would be discussing it with his family.

4. 12th Prescient,

His family in the first season would extend from his mom and daughter to the entirety of 12th prescient. At first he would just be a third wheel looking into some cases. However there would be a lot of people there who would be a fan of Castle so they would easily warm up to him but he would win over all their hearts. And become a part of their team and he would treat them as a family.

3. Mystery Novels,

Derrick Storm,Nikki Heat are some of the characters that he created as an author in his personal books. In the show he would become a part of the team when someone would use his books to kill and he would use his ability to solve the case. And his mystery novels would be really popular so he would have fans helping him out from time to time. He would also use his skills in solving the tough cases. And using the inspirations to write more novels.

2. Solving Major Cases,

The main part of the show would be him trying to solve two major cases. Like Beckett’s mother death and the identity of Castle’s dad. The first one would be tough since she would have left the case alone but he would have reopened it which would piss her off but he would still persist and in the end they would finally solve it. Also he would find the identity of his dad but it would not go how he expected. But that would be a great moment for the fans. So don’t miss it.

1. Marrying Kate,

So his best moment in the show. Obviously finding love after two divorces and a lot of one night stands. After all that finding love would be an awesome thing. It would be a lot obvious because they would have great chemistry in the show and sometimes held back sexual energy and after fighting it for a while but eventually they would get together and their marriage would be absolutely worthwhile as fans.

So I have talked about my personal experience about the best moments from the show. Tell me your favorite moments in the comments down below.

I have talked about his personal role and character in the show and the concept of the show so go check it out.

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