DAISY JOHNSON-The Intellectual Inhuman

The woman who would be born to aliens. Yeah you heard me right aliens but will be abandoned at birth by mistake and taken into custody by SHIELD and especially by Coulson and she will be let go from the agency because of bureaucracy and she will grow up all alone into a rebellious girl and that’s not all. She would be a wild card to the agency and she would be an excellent hacker who would mess up with the agency in the première of the show and Coulson would approach her to join the team and she would join the agency with the pinch of salt. So her Journey would begin from there and we are going to take a look at it. Let’s go.

Her Family,

Her birth would be in a weird day where his dad would have a hard time with hydra closing in on their place and trying to kidnap her mom which they will do eventually. For what ? You gotta watch the show to know more. At that point Coulson would approach and save her and bring her to SHIELD. However they won’t say the lineage of her parents to her and keep it a secret because she would be the case. What? Remember Coulson only handles weird other worldly things and that would be Daisy. Daisy will have all the reunions in the show. Watch out for that.

As An Agent,

She will be an agent of shield and at first she will have doubts about the scale of her job and she won’t do the job with halfheartedness but that will change as she will get close to all the team members and she will look up to Coulson as a father figure and she will slowly become a regular member of the team. With her innate hacking skills and an eagerness to learn the fighting skills would out her on the top.

Her Power,

After the place of the alien city by Coulson they would have a crystal which would activate the inhuman gene on Daisy who would get a sick super power. The kind of power which would be easy to get by an alien kid. However it will take some time for her to master it but when the reunion with her birth mom would happen she will teach Daisy to control the power and Daisy would turn into an awesome hero for the world and a moral leader for all the in-humans.

However saying that not all things goes that smooth in the world of superheroes and cool agents. She would come across the real leader of the in-humans. You know the hive mind,he will mind control Daisy and when she would lose that grip she will turn insane. Not losing her mind insanity but losing her grip on reality insane. She will recover from it and become the leader once again but she would pay the price and I’m not gonna show that price. Watch the show.

So have you guys watched the show before? Do you like her character? Let me know in the comments section below.

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