DAREDEVIL-Other Characters

Today I’m going to talk about the side characters that are present in the show who would play a small role in the show but not to a point where they would change the course of the show. Their role might be minimal and normal in the show but they might just do one awesome thing to help the heroes on the quest. So I’m going to talk about these characters and give them a little limelight in my blog. So let’s get started shall we?


She would be the love interest of Matt in the second season and she would actually be a bit more than a side character in the show. She will also learn fighting from Stick who would use her to bring Matt to his organization to lead them in the war. Even she would fail in convincing him to join the fight but she will join Matt in fighting the bad guys in Hell’s Kitchen. However she will meet her fate in the end of the season and she will be turned into a solider for the hand in the defenders series. Safe to say she would not have it easy in the show.

Ben Urich,

He would be the investigative journalist in the show,you know the one who would actually go after someone with a case but fail and give it to the vigilante. He would do that in season 1 and he would give up on the investigation on Kingpin but he would be shown the face of kingpin by Matt and he would ready to take the kingpin down by exposing him to the world. However he will face the cold reality and it would crush his confidence and he would just leave the job. He would also give some advice to Karen about the job when she would become a journalist leaving the company of Matt.


He would be the main member of the chase and the last survivor of the chase organization. He would be the one who would keep the hand at bay and fight them from time to time before the start of the war. He would get to know about the power of Matt and he would find him and help him to understand his power and fight them head on. He would teach Matt all about fighting blind and in the end he would ask him to join the chase but he would refuse. However he would have an important role in the defenders show.

So do you like these side characters? Do you like the show ? Let me know in the comments down below.

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