DAREDEVIL-The Best Episodes

Today I’m going to be talking about the best episodes that this show as to offer. Now I know all the episodes are released at the same day by Netflix. But some of the episodes will have great sequences and awesome scenes which will urge you to give this show a chance. I will also talk about the plot of the show without giving too much away. These episodes will be selected from two criteria,my favorite and entertaining. So without wasting any time we will get into the article.

Season 1,

In this season we would see a blind man and a lawyer who locks criminals in the morning also fights as a vigilante at night. He wouldn’t have a suit and he will get hurt many times. However he will not let it hold him back. He will keep up the good fight and he would plan to take down the biggest threat to the city. Kingpin,a malicious billionaire who would plan to take over the city along with the hand. Will he be successful?Watch the show to know more. This season would also feature the past life of Matt and all his struggles in learning how to use his powers. So overall a fun season. The best episodes to look out for are “In the Blood” and “The Path of the Righteous”.

Season 2,

This season would see the devil of Hell’s kitchen in his costume and he will fight crime as usual. This time around he would face two villains and both of them would give him a run for his money. The punisher,man with an ability to not feel remorse would kill all the bad guys instead of turning them to the law. He will help Matt near the end of the show. Matt would also face the hand with his ex-girlfriend Electra and they both would fight for the chase. But it would fail terribly for them in the end. The best episodes to look out for are “Semper Fidelis” and “Seven Minutes in Heaven”.

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