DAREDEVIL-The Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen

What would you do when you lose your eyes in an accident? What would you do when your dad doesn’t know how to help you deal with it? These are the questions that is not asked by me. It is asked by the devil himself to you so you need to answer it to know more about him and his personal life. Don’t worry I have answered it and gotten most of it right. I think anyways so without further ado let’s get into this article which will talk about the life of the devil himself. At least of devil of hell’s kitchen.

His Role,

Just because he is termed as the devil don’t assume that he is bad. it’s just because of his costume he is called that. His role in the show would be to fight for his city just like any other vigilante would do but he would like to fight on both ends. In daylight and at night to eradicate the bad eggs from the city. However this fight will not be an easy one since he will just do it alone and on both ends. So him getting around that fact and defeating his enemies would be the core of the show.

Both Ends,

That just means he would like to eradicate everything bad by being a lawyer in the morning and a vigilante at night. He will fight off the small time enemies at night until his true enemy emerge and I would talk about him in-depth in different article. He will also be a just passed out lawyer who would want to help the poor by starting his own firm with his friend. Both of it would go fine till a point in the second season and after that it will change. So watch the show to know more about this.

His Blindness,

He would become blind from an accident but it will end up a good thing for him. However he would not know how to control his power. What’s his power? Due to his sense of eyesight being taken away he will have their other senses powered up to a higher level of control. He can sense environment,sense people and much more with his ability. So who would teach him how to control his power?  A man name stick who would have a secret life himself will prepare Matt for an upcoming war.

His Friends,

He would have one friend in the show. I know it’s sad but it will change as the show would progress. His first friend in the show would be Foggy who would also be a lawyer after finishing law school. they both will have the same ideology in saving the lives of the poor and they will do it with pride. They would struggle to keep it up but the reality would strike them from time to time. He would come to know about Matt and his night-time vigilantism that would put their friendship in an awkward place.

So have you watched the show? Do you like Matt Murdock? Let me know in the comments down below.

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