DAREDEVIL-The Devil’s Task Force

In this one I’m going to talk about the people who help Daredevil in his endeavors to vanquish crime by being a vigilante and as a lawyer. Obviously he wouldn’t need any help being a Vigilante but it’s something that he would essentially need after a certain fight which I will cover in this article. However he would want some help in the daylight business in which his other two friends will help him to make an impact on the show. So let’s take a look at these little helpers of the devil and how they impact the show. Shall we?

Foggy Nelson,

He would be the dude who would finish law school with Matt and he would have the same wavelength as Matt Murdock in terms of helping the poor. He would change his mindset after there would be a small problem in the group. This would make him to quit the company and join the corporate law for some money. He would also know about the identity of Matt and he would know about it when he would be pretty injured. So he would help him and understand him and in that scene he will understand everything about Matt.

Karen Page,

She would be a client at first and Matt would help her in the case and she would repay the guys by working for their company as an unpaid intern. She would get the guys on the right track when they would slip off a little from time to time. She would also have a caring tendency to helping people. She would also know about the devil of hell’s kitchen and I know what you’re thinking,Matt is terrible at keeping a secret right? However she would make her career in journalism when Daredevil would run into some trouble and the company would get closed.

Claire Temple,

She would be the utility person for all the Marvel TV shows since she would be present in all of them in some capacity. She would also know about all the heroes and she would act as a common point in the shows. She would be the anchor in the show who would bring all the four together and make them understand that they are on the same side. She would be a local nurse in hell’s kitchen and one fateful day she would meet Matt after a failed fight and she would help him in recovery and she would act as his personal helper and she would give some insights from time to time.

So have you guys watched the show? Do you like the daredevil’s companions? What do you think about the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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