DEXTER-Top 5 Debra Morgan Moments

How would you feel if you had a step brother who was a psychopathic killer who is vigilante in his own style? Scared right? The icing on the cake would be when she would come to know about her dad training him to be the vigilante that he is today. That would just push her to even drive the car straight into the eater trying to drown herself and the monster. Even after loving him for all that time. Also fueling her though on why her dad even bothered to bring him in as a child. Now I already talked about all of this so go check it out. Today we are going to talk about her best moments in the show.

5. As A Detective,

Just like her dad and her step brother she would have a knack in the police department but a bit different set of skills from her step brother. And at the start of the show we would actually see her special set of skills. That would be going undercover and getting to know the victims in a deeper level to help them and the best moment would arrive in the first season where her detective skills would take her places even to get a chance to be in Dexter’s team as a valuable member.

4. Her Slang, 

Everyone as a special way of speaking when it comes to the language. You know the point that they are trying to articulate and get it through. Sometimes it would be related with their region and sometimes it would just be their style. With Debra it would be her style of saying fuck. Now that word can be used with any sentence in any form and in any point and that would be exactly what she would do and let me tell you it would produce a lot of memorable moments in the show.

3. As A PI,

So eventually she would make too many bad calls in the force and she would burn out from the job and she would decide that this would be not for her and stop being a member in the force. So she would opt out and take a break and go to a different job. And that job would be as a PI. The best moment would come when her boss would consider her a star pupil and give her the tough cases which would also put her in so many risks but it would show her level of intellect in the field.

2. Her Romantic Choices,

Obviously everyone would question their romantic choices from time to time but with Debra it would be most of that time and this would be explained better in the first season of the show which would also carry the show in a sad and violent way. So if you don’t know the first season we would see her dating someone who would turn out to be Dexter’s biological brother who would have the same trauma but not the same family and he would threaten Dexter with his current family and the best moment would come when he would give a choice but he would Debra over him.

1. Her End,

Sometimes you can inspire someone even without knowing it or sometimes only when you are gone you would inspire them. That would be the case with Debra as she would be in a weird spot after when she would know about Dexter’s secret life and would try to stop him,learn more about him and try to accept him but the best moment would arrive when her loss would be the trigger that would change Dexter and even though it’s sad moment, I think it was much necessary considering the plot of the show.

So I have talked about the plot of the show and her character in the show so go check them out.

All the things that I talked about in here are my personal favorites. Let me know yours in the comment section down below.

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