DEXTER-Top 5 Dexter Morgan Moments

You there. Yeah you who is reading the article. Are you having a killer time? I know it’s a stupid pun to make but it’s a fun one when you consider the character and the show that we are going to talk about. It’s going to be Dexter and don’t think for a second it’s going to be all about his violent activities and side activities there are plenty of other moments that would show that he too has humanity. So today we are going to take a look at his top 5 moments in the show both creepy and nice. So let’s get started.

5. A Family Man,

Now imagining a cold-blooded serial killer to have a family would be hard and I know that because I didn’t believe it at first as well. I thought he was just playing along so that he can get close to the mom or the abusive step dad and one of them would the case but you would see Dexter genuinely caring the family and a great father for the kids. The best moments for him would come in the form of a marriage which would give him a sense of normalcy in his life.

4. Giving Up Everything,

Everyone has something that they would never give up even when the odds are against them but if it hurts then you would consider giving it up all together and that would be the case with Dexter and his end in the show. Some didn’t like his ending to the show but I liked it because the best moment would arrive when he would lose someone close to him so he would decide to distance himself from everything and everyone. A good decision in my opinion.

3. Debra Morgan,

Now the only true family that Dexter would have after his rescue from the blood filled container. They both would always have a different opinions. And their raising would be entirely different as well but they would have love for each other and respect for their work and they will come to work with each other which will essentially show Debra the true nature of Dexter and the things he has done. The best moment would come in the last season which would finally change Dexter through her.

2. Teaching Someone Else,

So his killer instinct would be something innate and would have been culminated due to the incidents that happened inside the container. A blood filled meet that one was but his primal instinct would be contained and channeled to only the bad guys which would essentially be known as Harry’s codes. So the best moment would arrive when he would try to teach the codes to another serial killer but it won’t work out as he would have planned.

1. Remembering His Dad,

As I said without the codes,Dexter would have run rampant on the world but how did he get the idea or help or the ability to channel his primal energy. We would have no idea. The only thing we would see his Dexter remembering all the lessons from time to time which would be great. But the best moment would arrive when he would actually meet the person behind the scenes pulling the string who would explain her tactics about his teachings which would be a little weird and her request would be even more weird.

I have talked about the impact of the show and his character in the show so go check them out.

I have talked about my favorite moments of Dexter. Let me know yours in the comments down below.

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