DOCTOR WHO-Other Characters

There are a lot of characters in the Doctor Who universe who played a significant role in the show. I have already talked about the companions and my favourite doctors but today I’m going to talk about the side characters who played a small yet significant role in this vast franchise.

Mickey Smith,

He would be the boyfriend of Rose before her travels with the doctor. He would be a little outgunned because he would just be a normal guy and the doctor is a time lord. This would cause a bit of tension between them but he would soon realise that Rose wasn’t right for him and this world either so when they would get stuck in a parallel universe he would decide to stay there. He will be an amazing character in the show even though he would be a side character. They would have a given him a proper ending when the tenth doctor’s tenure was finished.

Captain Jack Harkness,

The guy who can go either way,if you know what I mean. He shows his affection by hugging people,the only thing that the doctor hates about him. He would be a toddler when they would first meet him in 1940’s and the doctor would save his life in that time. He would be grateful to the doctor and he would help the doctor defeat many of the threats to the universe. He would look damn good while doing it. The best moments would be the time when he would flirt with the doctor’s associates and he would protect them from his advances.

The Master,

The friend of the doctor and the one who fought with him during the time war and he would also be the one who would have escaped the war. It would take a lot of time for the Doctor to find the Master but when he does it wouldn’t be a loving reunion instead because he would be angry with himself and the Doctor. This will really piss him off and he would nearly take out the entire universe. He would have defeated the master once but he hasn’t stopped trying. He is even returning in the new season of the show with an amazing beard.

Craig Owens,

He played a small character in the show but he became the best friend of the Doctor and that’s a big feet he would have achieved. He would come to know all about the doctor in just a single episode and he would even help with the enemy. He would also be the companion for a single episode and it would be a great one. His character would be an amusing one and it would be a nice palet cleanser in the show.

Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax,

The tantalising trio who would return to the show a lot but as a side character. They would be the ones who would help the doctor with his investigation and you won’t feel like the characters were too much forced into the show. They would help the Doctor during his toughest times and even during the transition into a new face. The lizard women from the dawn of time married to a human female with their potato bodyguard assisting the Doctor. Just some of the exciting things in the Doctor Who universe.

These characters won’t be everything in the show but they will have a respectable screen space in the show. They would come back from time to time in the show and some of them might have been written off but they would have given a proper ending to the show.


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