DR.ROBERT FORD-A Trailblazing Prodigy

Imagine a theme park but it doesn’t have your typical roller coasters,vertical rides and gravity rides. Sounds boring right? What if I told you this theme park would let you act out a character doing whatever the hell you want without any consequences. I just peeked your interest didn’t I? That would be the ideology and the plot of the show and we are going to take a look at the premise of the theme park and a detailed look at the guy who created this awesome marvel. So let’s get into the virtual world of cowboys and awesomeness shall we?

The Theme-park,

The theme park would be created by Dr Robert Ford who would have a pioneering idea to create a virtual world for the visitors so they can live out their fantasies in whatever fashion they seem to fit. So what’s the theme of the park? Cowboys in a western style world. Hence the name westworld. Clever isn’t it? Well that would not just be the case. The visitors can play a bunch of different roles in the virtual reality which would make them return to the park for some replay ability. The rest of the characters would all be robots playing character.

His Role,

He would be the creator of the park who would be around installing updates on the bots and keeping everyone around the park in control. That’s where the plot of the show where an update to the bots will create a stir on the park that will change the plot of the show within the show and that would start to slowly affect the visitors to the park. That will kick-start the problem and the workers in the park will take us straight to Robert and he will try to fix it.

His Ideology,

This theme park would be the ideology that would he stating while talking about the park. Imagine us being a part of a simulation and we were created by someone else for fun. Let that sink in while I talk about his motivation for the park. The update for the park will not be a drastic one and that would be main thing on the show. A small emotion focused change would start to cause trouble in the show. I would not talk about the repercussions because there would are spoilers connected with it.

So watch the show to know more about it. Do you like his character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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