ELIZABETH KEEN-An Inquisitive Agent

A women who was born in to the world in a normal way yet her growth into womanhood was covered in a mysterious back story. Who is she? the question which has baffled many fans of the season for more than four seasons. Even knowing her father and some background stories we are still in the dark. Sometimes that much cloud of mystery will fail in a show but the writers would have done an amazing job of it. The show would develop with her character developing into a successful agent from a rookie one. From a no one she will be an agent in a top-secret FBI agent. How is that possible? Let’s see about that shall we?

Her Childhood,

It took a long time in the show to be revealed but they finally did it in the fourth season. It was worth the wait. They would have explained how her mother was caught between two different forces in the form of her husband and her lover. Also the job that endangered everyone. This will force to remove herself from Elizabeth’s life and she will put her trust in the care of a nanny. The character who played the nanny would be a big surprise to everyone and it’s a spoiler,so watch it on your own.

Her Role,

She would be on her way to join the FBI for her first mission as a profiler but her there will be a colossal twist waiting for her that will also kick-start the show. She will be surprised to see the turn of events and all off a sudden she will have a lot of questions to Red and his connection to her. This will be slowly answered by time and Red as the show progress. Her past life growing up would all be a lie but she will never forget her foster-father.

Her Future,

She will have an interesting future with the discovery of her truth about her father. She will also have a tough time dealing with her husband who will be a spy. However she will get separated from him and live her life but he will show who hired him and what was his purpose. That will intrigue her and they will rekindle once again to eventually being a family. They will also have a baby in the midst of all the chaos that is represented in the form of Red.

As An Agent,

She will just be a rookie profiler with a boring desk job of talking about criminal and their style and patterns. From that to a mediator for a dangerous criminal and the assistant leader of the FBI is not an easy task. She will make some mistakes along the way but it’s really impressive and the things that a small time agent would do in the show. She will have to kill someone in the show which will trigger a part of her memory which will change the way she will look at the world. It would also give a good look at her past.

Her Memory,

The main aspect of the story will be concentrating on her memory and her ability to reach them but unfortunately they would have been unlocked by a memory manipulator. She will remember some of it in the show but there is lot more of that to be learned. So we will have to look forward for them in the future seasons.

That’s my thoughts on Elizabeth. She is really a well done women character in the show business. So tell me your thoughts on the comment down below.


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