F.R.I.E.N.D.S-The Best Episodes

Today I’m going to talk about the best episodes that you should look out for in F.R.I.E.N.D.S and i know that every episode is an amazing one but some episodes would be the cornerstone for that specific season and they would be the canvas used to paint the masterpiece.I have spoken in detail about the success of the show and the role of each characters in the show.Since this is a sitcom you can watch any episode in any season in random order but I’m here to tell you what episodes are best in each season.I will also talk about the big stars doing cameo in each season respectively but not the episode in which they will appear.You can enjoy that on your own.This article is mainly for the people who have not watched Friends and i know there are only a few but with this guide you will fall in love with the show.The veterans of the show don’t worry because this article has something for you as well.So let’s get to it shall we?

Season 1:

This season has a lot of good episodes to be enjoyed but to me personally there are two great episodes.One,the episode which really got the show going,It also made everyone to take a look at it and even the stars loved the episode.It has a sensational script which guarantees laughter.The name of the episode is ‘The Blackout’.Every episode will have a prefix of ‘The one with’ and it was to keep the live audience in suspense about the show.Anyways this episode was the turning point in the show,They would coin the famous term’The friend zone’,Phoebe creating some amazing song lyrics and the fans having a good time.Stars like Jon Lovitz,George Clooney,Jennifer Grey did a cameo in the season.This season also has some other awesome episodes like ‘The Boobies’ and ‘Where Rachel finds out’.You would also see Ross becoming a father and before the baby comes he would practice parenting on a monkey.Just look out for those episodes.

Season 2:

It’s always tough to have a successful second season because the expectations will be high and so will be the pressure but that wouldn’t be an issue for the writers as they would have created yet another great season of fun.The best episode in this season would be when Ross and Rachel would get together.The name of the episode is ‘The prom video’.The episode where Rachel would truly realize the love that Ross would have on her.The first half of the season would be a roller coaster of emotions of whether they would get together or not and in this episode your expectations would be satisfied.The season also has other great episodes like ‘Where Eddie moves in’ and ‘Where old Yeller dies’ which would make you laugh out loud.This season had Guest stars like Jean-Claude Van Damme,Charlie Sheen,Thomas William Selleck,Julia Roberts etc.

Season 3:

The plot was a relatively happy one at the beginning of the season but that would soon change.Yes the best episode in this season is also the most sad one of them all.The name of the episode is ‘The morning after’.It’s an emotional episode and I want you to feel it on your own.There are lot of other fun stuff in this season though ranging from Monica’s new boyfriend to Phoebe’s brother getting married.The best episodes in the season are ‘The hypnosis tape’ and ‘The giant poking device’.The season also had some amazing guest stars like Robin Williams,Ben Stiller,Isabella Rossellini etc to make give us a good laugh.

Season 4:

The show would have an awkwardness brewing because of the break up between Ross and Rachel and because of Phoebe’s pregnancy.The show still had some amazing jokes in the season.The best episode for me personally was ‘The free porn’ the episode where Joey would accidentally find porn in TV and they would watch that without switching the television off.In this season Ross would find a women that he would propose marriage too and she would accept.The finale would take place in London for a change in scenery.The best episodes are ‘Joey’s dirty day’,’Chandler crosses the line’ and the finale Ross’s wedding’.Guest stars like Hugh Laurie,Charlton Heston,Penn Jillette etc played a great cameo in this season.

Season 5:

This season would be the settling season where all the shuffling happened before would be settled.Like Chandler’s relationship with Monica,Phoebe giving birth and Rachel’s new job.The best episode to look forward to is ‘Joey’s bag’ where Rachel would suggest a girly bag to Joey and he would blindly accept which would be a laughing riot for us through out the episode.There are some great episodes like ‘The ball’,’Joey’s big break’ and the finale ‘The one in Vegas’.Guest stars like Bob Balaban,Gary Collins,Michael Rapaport  played a great cameo in this season.

Season 6:

This season was really an instrumental one because it showed the characters becoming more mature and serious with their lives.Ross’ getting a job,Chandler moving in with Monica etc.The best episode in the season would be where Ross and Chandler would fight about a joke published in a magazine.The title of the episode would be ‘The Joke’.There are some other episodes which would make you laugh out loud like ‘Where Ross got high’ and ‘Joey’s fridge’.The season had some amazing actors like Bruce Willis,Reese Witherspoon, Elle Macpherson playing some amazing cameos in the show.Just watch out for Bruce Willis’s character in the show because he would have done an amazing job.

Season 7:

The jokes in this season would stem from the big wedding preparations.Yes this is the season where Monica and Chandler would get married.The episode to look forward to is ‘All the candy’ where Monica would get more than what she bargained for with the neighbors and in the same episode Ross would move us into tears with his gesture for Phoebe.The season had some other amazing episodes like ‘Where Chandler doesn’t like dogs’ ,’Rachel’s big kiss’ and ‘Ross’s library book’.Guest stars like Kristin Davis,Mckenzie Westmore,Kathleen Turner,Gary Oldman played some great cameos.

Season 8:

This season would show us a matured version of the actors and if you watch the season in the chronological order you would feel that you also grew up along with them.I personally felt that way and I’m sure you would feel the same way too.The best episode in this season is the episode where Ross would freak about Rachel’s pregnancy and when he would learn that condoms won’t work with 100% efficiency he would call them up to give his piece of mind instead of saying supporting things to Rachel.It would be one hell of an episode.The name of the episode is ‘where Rachel tells’.The episodes in this season would have some great quality jokes and an amazing script.This season also had some great guest stars like Brad Pitt,Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin etc played some amazing cameos.

Season 9:

The season will begin with a lot of tension and confusion between Joey and Ross fighting over the proposals to Rachel.Chandler would quit his job to find himself but it also had some positives with Rachel giving birth,Monica getting her dream job and Phoebe finding her prince charm.The best episode in this season is also my favorite episode ‘Rachel’s other sister’,a fucking awesome episode where Rachel would invite her sister to thanksgiving and it would all go to hell from that point.The season also has some great episodes like ‘The memorial service’ and ‘The lottery’ that would make you burst into laughter.Guest stars like Selma Blair,Dermot Mulroney,Paul Rudd,Christina Applegate etc played some awesome cameos that you would fall in love with.

Season 10:

The last season made us laugh in every episode but the finale would surely put tears in your eyes.Every episode is a great episode on its own rights and therefore I’m not going to pick any episodes.Enjoy the tenth season and I promise you that you will have a blast.Danny Devito,Greg Kinnear,Jennifer Coolidge,Brent Spiner,Aisha Tyler etc are just some of the guest stars who would have played some great cameos.

There is a lot more to the show then i have talked about in this article and when you see the show you would know what I’m talking about.Just watch the show and you would really have a great time with this and you would grow along with this cast.You would be a part of Friends from start to end.

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