F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Top 5 Chandler Bing Moments

Everyone has a favorite moment on television that would have made them love a character much more than they would use to. These moments can be in the form of tough decisions like choosing Ross/Rachel’s side after the break up or their roast or them roasting someone else. Pretty much career defining moments for these fictional characters and their life counterparts. So this list is going to be my favorite list of things from the characters presence on the show and you can let me know what’s your favorite in the comment section down below. Let’s get into it shall we?

5. Chandler Getting Joey’s Girl,

In the fourth season Joey would be a dating a girl called as Kathy who Chandler would slowly fall in love with and going head over heels to get her an amazing present. That will make her to reconsider her choice on the roommates which would be the cause for the awkwardness that would be bestowed upon them. However in the end after plenty of craziness he would get his girl with Joey’s permission and blessings. However it won’t last long and it would be a funny thing that you should enjoy when you watch the show.

4. Getting A Huge Promotion,

His professional life would be inside a smoke cloud for others and to some extend himself because he would not like his job as he would start it as temp thing but would stick to it and he won’t advertise to his friend unlike Ross who wouldn’t stop shutting up about his job. You know the two spectrum of life. He would get a huge promotion in the first season which would put him in a career debacle but he will understand that it was for him and take it with a lot of comic notion attached to the scene. Although he would change his career in the later stages of the show.

3. Getting Monica’s Apartment,

He would be in a challenge with Monica and Rachel about who knows about whom the most. So they will have a challenge and Ross would create the questions for them and they would win in the end. But the main focus of the episode would be making fun of Chandler. Like the girls steering the TV guide to change the name from Mr. Chandler Bing to Mrs. Chanandler Bong and what he is most scared off and the girls losing in the end because they would not know anything about his job. Not even the name of it. So do not miss that episode.

2. Finally Getting Married,

Yes Chandler would get married. Shocked! Gasped! Let’s move on. In the finale of seventh season Chandler and Monica would finally get married and turn into Mondler after two season of being together dating and hiding it from the gang. And in the end you would think their marriage would happen Scot free. But that would not be the case because there would be scared like Chandler running off, Joey getting stuck in a movie and Ross trying to intimidate Chandler. Despite having plenty of confusions and funny skits they would get married and it would be a satisfying episode.

1. The Proposal,

I know there are plenty of other moments in Chandler’s life that was funny and life changing but none of them holds a candle to this one. Also I’m a sucker for romance. So this is was a best scene for Chandler & Monica as she would be the one who would try to propose Chandler after all the confusions surrounding their love life. What again? Yeah it would be caused by Monica’s ex who would disturb the proposal and Chandler would try to bring the surprise factor and he would be the one who would be surprised but that scene would be a turning point for his character.

So I have talked about the show and the characters individually in my other seasons. So go check it out. These are my favorite moments of Chandler what are yours? Let me know in the comments down below.

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