F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Top 5 Joey Tribbiani Moments

“we like pizzas,we like pizzas”. The quote which pretty much sums up the character that I’m going to be talking about today. Joey,a man with a lot of different colors in the show and most of the time he would not understand why he has those colors on him. He was one of the successful character in the show and he even got a spin-off after Friends ended but I won’t be going into that. So let’s take a look at his best moments in the show and reminisce about them and have a good laugh. Let’s get into it.

5. His Intellect,

Through out the show one thing would always make you laugh is Joey’s dumbness. The irony is the actor who would have portrayed that role would have given the writers the idea. It would be reflected in the show because at the beginning he would be alright but as the show would go his character would be changed and that would bring some extra laughs to people.

Ross : Trying not to know the sex of his baby.

Monica : I know it.

Ross : Don’t tell me.

Monica : Sure but I’m really excited to be an aunt.

Joey: Or an uncle.

4. Al Pacino’s Butt,

At the start of the season he would have some hardships in his career. Trying to be an actor would be really hard for Joey and he would get his break when he would get be Al Pacino’s double and there would be a lot of jokes for that but he will not do a good job at that and he would be fired for it. But his Friends would get him through it and his career would go on the right path from there.

Joey : I failed even in being a butt double.

Phoebe : Come on someday another kid would run to his friends and say “Yay I’m going to be Joey Tribbiani’s butt double.

3. A True Friend,

Everyone in the show would have a shutout for being the best friend but personally it should go to Joey because he would be great to all of them. Sometimes he would be a heart breaker to others but he would be an amazing friends to the gang that we all know ad love. Like giving Chandler a chance to go after Kathy, Keeping Mondler a secret, Helping Ross countless times to get laid, Being a dad like figure to Phoebe and a great roommate to Rachel.

2. Ladies Man,

Now this is where his true powers lie. Being an irresistible chocolate boy in the gang overshadowing Chandler and Ross all the time. However he would use his skills only to get girls to the bed and nothing more than that. Even the girls in the gang would have it but they would also have a crush on him to make their case moot. He would never try to change his life for the better in terms of love and he would not have a great ending to his character in the show.

1. Chick Jr & Duck Jr,

I think the great moment of Joey would be his love for the poultry animals that he would have in his apartments. He would first get one at the start of third season and Chandler would get a duck and they would have them in their apartments and eventually they will die. But when Monica and Chandler would plan to move to a new house Joey would get them a house-warming present of a chick and a duck. That’s how awesome he is but Monica would hate them so Chandler would decide them to leave them Joey.

So what is your favorite moments of Joey and what do you think about this article? Let me know in the comments down below.

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