F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Top 5 Moments

I talked about all the characters best moments and their personal excellence in the show and the moments which satisfied all their fans but all off them are their personal moments and my favorite ones. However today we are going to take a look at the best moments of the group and the show. Again these will be my personal list and you can let me know about yours in the comments section down below. Without wasting any time let’s get into the list shall we?

5. Playing With Ross’s Kid,

At the end of first season the major thing about the show would be Ross becoming a father and finally he will but that would be his personal achievement and best moment but I wanna talk about the group who will all be really surprised that their group member has a kid including Monica crying happy tears after becoming an aunt. But the best scene would be when everybody would be playing with the kid and refusing to leave its side. The cutest thing ever.

4. Rachel Chasing After Ross,

I know Ross trying to woo Rachel would be the best thing ever but the real funny part would be Rachel knowing t he truth about Ross and she would want to start a relationship but he would be with someone else and her crush on Ross would be known by everyone in the group. The funny skits that would follow would all be epic and that’s why Roschel as a pair is the best. At least to me.

3. Ross’s Wedding,

We are in London now to attend Ross’s second wedding. It’s London baby!!!!. This one would be absolutely amazing because we would all know that it would go a bit narly. Phoebe would attend because she would be pregnant and Rachel because it would be Ross. However she would feel love all of a sudden and she would go to London to rattle Ross before the ceremony. And everyone else in the group would be enjoying London and Mondler would find love and plenty more.

2. Vegas!!!,

For their anniversary Mondler would decide to go to Vegas to celebrate and Phoebe would decide to hop in and so would everyone else. That would be the place where the fun would start. Phoebe spilling the beans,Mondler fighting,Joey in a weird Job and much more fun. There would something about Roschel as well which you would absolutely love. And I think this was a worthy group vacation.

1. The Lottery Ticket,

Near the tail end of the show Chandler would lose his job and he would be struggling to find one. And Joey would suggest that he is going to try lottery and everyone would hop into the trend. They would plan to pool and buy tickets as a whole but there would be a traitor in the group and when they would figure it out Phoebe would try to control the group and situation but she would make the situation even worse. And it will end in a fucking awesome way. Do watch the episode.

So I have talked about everything about the show for now. From the concept and impact of the show to   the characters and their best moments in the show. What do you think ? Check them all out and tell me your favorite moments in the comments and I will see you tomorrow.

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