F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Top 5 Monica Geller/Bing Moments

Everyone would have an annoying friend in the gang who would take the group in a certain direction and hold everyone together. Sometimes that would be the best thing ever and sometimes it would come off as over controlling which may cause friends to run away from you. That would be the easy explanation of the character we all love in the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S called Monica. I’m going to talk about her best moments so you can understand that she is a great character even with some annoying behaviors. So let’s take a look at the fiction character shall we?

5. As An Aunt,

She would love kids and it would be showcased as an aunt. However she would be sad when she would not have any kids on her own but her affection towards Ross’s two kids. Like trying to entertain Ben but hitting his head on the ceiling and trying to babysit Emma and trying to do it with Chandler. Even with all that funny skits she would prove that she is a great-aunt in the show. That would resonate her as a good mom which would make everything satisfying when she would get kids of her own.

4. Breaking Up With Richard,

I know it would be a sad moment in the show foe Monica when she would break up with the love of her life but to people who saw the show in a binge watching style we know that he was not the one for Monica. As I said before Monica wanted kids more than she wanted to get married and Richard would be holding her back and they would realize that and break up mutually and it will really break Monica’s heart but she will find love and a family.

3. Not Believing In Soul Mates,  

This is my favorite thing about Monica because she would have same ideology as me and that’s why I think this should be in the list. This would happen when Phoebe would introduce her date to Monica because she would think that he was the soul mate of Monica and Chandler would be scared because he would be married to her and Phoebe would say don’t worry we will find you one. However Monica would say that she doesn’t believe in soul mates and everyone should work on their relationships. Preach that.

2. Making It As A Chef,

Her aim would be to please people and make them like her by being an incredible chef. This would be proven many times in the show but the best would be when she would try to make candy for the entire building to get on their good sides as well as pleasing the people in her restaurants as head chef. She would make greatness as a head chef but the restaurant would not be the best of the best. But she will get her break in a great place to make her a success in her career.

1. Being A Mother,

As I said her goal would be to be a mother and after marrying Chandler they would wait till they are ready and when they would try it will not go well. They will not have a baby naturally and after a test which will show that they can’t have babies which will crush both of their hearts. However they will move on and try to have a kid through adoptions. After a lot of funny moments and episodes they would finally become parents to twins in the finale which will be a satisfying episode.

So what do you think about these moments? What’s your favorite moment of Monica. Let me know in the comments down below.

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