F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Top 5 Phoebe Buffay Moments

Welcome Mrs. Consuelo Banana Hammick. Saying she is quirky would be the understatement of this century. Everything she does it would make us laugh. She is one of my favorite characters in the show. Well not to a level of Rachel but I love her nonetheless. She has great moments in the show and I’m going to pick her five best moments in the show that are my personal favorites. So check them out and tell me what do you think and tell me what’s your favorite? So let’s get going then shall we?

5. Her luck,

In the first season she would get an unauthorized payment in her bank account which would make Rachel a little jealous and instead of removing it they would increase the amount and give her a free phone. She would then give that money to a homeless person because she lives life in a good way. However the homeless lady would buy Phoebe a soda and that soda would have a thumb in it so she would be right where she would have started but she would give to Chandler who would have a cigarette addiction.

4. Her Friendship With Big Daddy,

Don’t be alarmed when you see the name Big Daddy. It’s just a nickname for Joey that both of them would try. She would have a good rapport with everyone in the gang well saying that Ross and Chandler won’t have the greatest interactions with her but I would say that Joey and Phoebe had the best relationships. They will have the best conversations in the show and my favorite would be the time when they would plan to hook up Ross and Rachel together and the time when Joey to walk her down the aisle instead of her step/dad.

3. Her Childhood,

Now this is a sad moment in the show but with Phoebe nothing would be negative and she would prove that notion when she would mention or take actions that would be related to her past. When she would mention her childhood it would make us real sad. Like believing a frame guy her dad and having her mother kill herself,living on the street and her twin sister being mean. Through all this shit she would stay positive and bring that positive energy to the group. Also some anger from time to time. “Judy pick up the sock,pick up the sock,pick up the sock!!!” comes to mind.

2. The Twin Sister,

What can I say about her. Well first thing did you know? That she was created after a cameo character that Phoebe acted in another show. And therefore brought her to this show. She would be a bit mean to everyone in the show and she would even break the heart of Joey and Phoebe a lot of time in the show. Being a porn star in the name of Phoebe and lying to men and even nearly marrying one until Phoebe would set them straight. So overall a bit of a nonsense than anything in the show. But really funny though.

1. Her Wedding Day,

Now she would have faced a lot of bull shittery in her life and how she met her boyfriend would be a crazy one. Joey shouting Mike in the coffee-house after forgetting a date for Phoebe in their double date plan. And Ross opening the eyes of Phoebe and her dating habits and breaking up with him to see that he is the one and they would decide to get married. It would go a little narly on her wedding day but I think her wedding was the most satisfying moment in friends. And her wedding style would be absolutely wonderful.

So what do you think about my favorite list of Phoebe’s best moments. What are yours? Let me know in the comments down below.

I have already talked about her character and role in the show along with the greatness of the show. Check them out.

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