F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Top 5 Rachel Green Moments

Everyone would have someone in their group who would be a show-off and a bit spoiled due to their upbringing however they will change when life would give them a reality check as well as surrounding them with great friends who would change their behavior and attitude. That character would be Rachel,a spoiled daddy’s girl who would have run off from her marriage because she wanted an independent life. However she would not know how to start that life and her friends would help her start that life. She is my favorite character of all time and out of all the shows I have watched so there are more than 5 favorite moments but I will stick with norm of the series. So let’s get into it shall we?

5. Running Far From Barry,

We all know how much off a douche Barry was when we first met him and we all hated him when he would ruin Ross’s chance of getting together with Rachel. He would also cheat on her with her best friend and sometimes with her sister. Yeah I told you he’s a greasy douche bag but Rachel would go back to him only to get her heart broke. Barry would marry her best friend but that will not end for them. But her best decision in life would be breaking up the marriage.

4. Her Friendship,

She would obviously have a tough time in the real world after being spoiled for a long time but she would be taken into open arms by Monica and the group. However some of them would not be thrilled with her addition to the group but she will win them all over throughout the plot of the show. Although she would always be a part of the group and fit right in. And she would have a great friendship moment with each character that would cement her place in the group.

3. As A Single Mom,

Being a single mom is the toughest thing in the world. Even with Ross being around her pregnancy and after it she would be a single mom. Even with her friends around it would be a little tough for her to adjust to the new situation. That will make her a little anxious even forcing her to say yes even when Joey didn’t propose. However she would embrace her single parenthood and raise Emma as a great mom.

2. An Independent Woman,

At the start of the show she would still be a little spoiled by knowing her dad’s credit card number and splurging in shopping. But she will be shown the reality. So she would get a job as a waitress which she would hate but she would leave that job and the world of fashion and she will climb the corporate ladder to be a success in her career. She would be the perfect example to everyone who would try to be independent in their life. Regardless of gender.


1. I Got Off The Plane,

This is the best scene in the show and a great romantic scene in all off sitcoms. This moment would be literally at the end of the show with Rachel planning to move to France for job and Ross trying to get her back. However she would get on the plane to leave but she would realize how much good they are together. So she would get off the plane and get to his place to say ‘I got off the plane’. A wonderful romantic ending to those two.

So what do you think about her character? What’s you favorite moment of Rachel on-screen. Let me know in the comments down below. I have already talked about her character and the show individually so go check them out.

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