F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Top 5 Ross Geller Moments

“We were on a break!!!!” the line never gets old. To a certain extent I can understand Ross’s frustration but using it multiple times and screaming doesn’t make what you did right. Just own it. But that’s just one of the cool quirks of Ross and he would also be the sole downer of the group. Like every time he would be “hey…” and bringing the moxie of the group down. But that would be the uniqueness off the group and to the show. So we are going to take a look at his finest moments in the show. 5 off them to be exact. So let’s go.

5. As A Father,

His greatest moments in the show would come when he would become a dad. Although there would be plenty of confusions,comic and skits involved. At the end of the day he would be a perfect dad. Trying to prank the prankster,Rachel with his son and making his daughter laugh for the first time in a weird way. There would always be a great scene when Ben would be there on the show even as a kid.

4. Enthusiastic Worker, 

No one loves their Job as Ross does. He would even say it himself. “I can’t get enough of dinosaurs”. An exact opposite to Chandler in this regards. And he would not even care about what people think about his career because he would love it. Come on let’s be real here no man would be as secure as Ross when it comes to career. To a point of having a dinosaur check book and a watch. Oh that security would be only with career. Not with women.

3. His Luck With The Ladies,

As I said his security with the girls would be a bit iffy after the start of the show. After his wife leaving him which would trigger a panic attack. Which would cause his relationship with Rachel to go downhill which I will get too soon. However this will be a tough thing for Ross as he would go without a relationship for a while and holding it together would create a lot of jokes and that’s good for a sitcom.

2. Roschel,

“Oh she’s his lobster”. Pretty much sums up their relationship. From having a crush for nearly ten years to being in a relationship to screwing it up. Breaking up and then trying to get back together and breaking up again. Getting married when they are drunk and then trying to get back together and failing. Sleeping together and having a baby. And finally,finally understanding they are right for each other.

1. The One With The Videotape,

Now this is a weird one but I think this is one of the personal victory for Ross. So when he would take a course with Joey and he would try to recording himself being smooth with the women and when Rachel would walk in he would forget about it and go talk to her and everything would happen and it would all get recorded. Now defending it would be hard for him but eventually everyone would know who came on to who.

So those are my favorite moments of Ross. What are yours? Let me know in the comments down below.

I have already talked about his character and role and the entirety of the show. So go check it out.

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