FAMILY GUY-Other Characters

I have talked about the main characters of the show individually and about the show as a whole but today I’m going to talk about the side characters who provided some comic relief and relevant content to the show. Their characters might not be a prominent one in the show and have a significant role. Wait why the hell am I dedicating an article about them. I don’t know why but let’s just talk about them and may be I can round-up the article explaining why these characters deserved a separate article.

Joe : I can’t take it anymore doc I need a new leg.

Dr Hartman : Alright.

Joe : I’m trusting you doctor.

Dr Hartman : Let me just pop in this how to video and let’s get started.

Joe : No!!!!!!

Let’s talk about these characters with a bit of depth.

Dr Hartman,

Since I talked about him in the joke it will be easy for you people to understand his character if I talk a bit more about him. The town doctor who gets visited when everyone gets sick. That would be weird because it would be a big town and he would be the only doctor and he wouldn’t be even good at it. I guess that’s where the jokes come from. Dr Hartman would be the worst doctor of all time and his services would cause trouble for people instead of saving them.

Dr Hartman : Is the police gone? (Police comes and search the room).

Peter : Yeah. They are gone.

Dr Hartman : Phew. Now let’s take a look at the patient.

That should have been a red light but he is still the town doctor.

Mayor Adam West,

The crazy lunatic sociopath who likes to harm people and enjoys doing it. You might wonder how he became the Mayor of the town. Seems like a pattern but the city runs smoothly. He would even accept that he is weird but people still votes for him. How weird you ask? Investigating water absorption by plants and he will spend money on finding where the water goes. That’s just one example and there are thousand instances where he has proven his craziness.

Adam West : Cleveland I have killed 9 people just now.

Cleveland : What??

Adam West : I mean I have ducks for shoes. Walks away with ducks as shoes.

They should have really thought it through before electing him but they have settled for the guy and he is funny.


You know about this guy,even the new ones who haven’t watched the show because he would be present in many memes. I know I’m saying this with a sad heart that he is the friendly paedophile of Quahog. Yes i know that’s creepy but that’s his character and that’s what the writers would have aimed for and it would have been successful. He would be the creepiest guy you would have seen both in reel and life. A twist when considering his past as a war veteran.

During a dire situation where everyone is shouting.

Herbert : Everybody but Chris keep your pants on.

Everyone : What!

Herbert : Nothing.

A pure creep who would be respected by all of Quahog. The reason is baffling.


The women who was pregnant for more than the natural 10 months. Yes for seven seasons in the show she will be pregnant and probably a patient of Dr Hartman. That sounds more like it. However she will be amusing only in the later stages of the show. After her marriage with Joe went down the hill. She would go to Paris to cheat on him and Joe will cheat on her and she would even run off with Brian in an episode. Yes that bad in terms of their marriage.

Peter and the Gang : We are going to find god and ask him about football. Everyone gets up.

Joe : Tries to kill himself.

Everyone : What are you doing?

Joe : I thought this was the way. I already texted Bonnie.

Bonnie with a smirk in her face burns down the house and walks away.

These are my favourite side characters in the show but there are more of them. What is your favourite let me know in the comment down below.

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