FAMILY GUY-The Best Episodes

I have talked about the characters and the overall aspect of the show and today I wanted to cover the best episodes and the plot development in the show. There will be no spoilers and I will to keep it clean as much as possible. So let’s just jump into the article shall we?

Season 1,

In this season the writers introduce us a dirty family with their true colours displayed in the show. Just a seven episode season had a tremendous impact on society. A bad impact however which forced the network to cancel the show. The best episodes to look forward are “A hero sits next door” and “The son also draws”.

Season 2,

After the cancellation the show prevailed just because of its popularity. The show ran its episodes in cartoon network and the fox producers realised their mistake and brought back the show. This season was a huge success and the show was an all time favourite foe everyone. In this season Peter would play a dangerous game with death and he will find his inner feminism. The writers would have discovered Stewie and Brian’s friendship. The best episode to look forward are “Death is a bitch” and I am Peter and hear me roar”.

Season 3,

Family Guy would be cancelled yet again at the end of this season due to law suit for a sensitive content in the show. However it didn’t hinder the success of the season. Brian would try to make it in Hollywood and Peter would be the president of a tobacco company. They would also have a friendship episode between the dog and the baby. Also  a special fan mail episode which added to the success of the show. The best episodes to look out for are “Brian does Hollywood” and “Mr.Griffin goes to Washington”.

Season 4,

After the cancellation the show released DVD which sold like crazy which forced the network to bring back the show. They did and they never looked back because 15 seasons later the show is going strong. In this one Peter will be a fisherman,Cleveland marriage will be broken and Peter will start a new network. The best episodes to look out for are “PTV” and “Petarted”.

Season 5,

In this season Stewie will suddenly fall in love with his mom and Chris will join the peace core to save a village. Peter will have an emotional episode where he will find out the truth about his birth father. The best episodes to look out for are “Peter’s two dads” and “Mother tucker”.

Season 6,

The season where they fooled the bunch of fans with a continuous episode where they made Stewie killing Lois and Lois killing Stewie. It’s not a spoiler because the name of the episodes are the one’s that i mentioned. He would also suddenly like Meg and he would treat her like a princess. That would be just for one episode though. Joe would even walk for one episode. The best episodes to look out for are “Peter’s daughter” and “Back to the woods”.

Season 7,

In this season Brain and Stewie would have an amazing journey to the past where they will have to rescue Mort. Stewie would also survive on his own and the family will get a new dog which will be killed by Stewie. Brian is revealed to be an atheist,Lois would be a journalist for an episode. The best episodes to look out for are “Foxy lady” and “Stew-Roids”.

Season 8,

The road to multiverse will be introduced in this season where Stewie and Brian would travel to different universes for research purposes. However they will get stuck on a shuffle and they will roam around the world till they would find a solution. They also released some controversial videos in the end but they cancelled them and released them in the DVD. The best episodes to look out for are “Road to the multiverse” and “Go,Stewie,Go!!”.

Season 9,

In this season the writers would decide to cut the size of the cast and they will be successful with that idea. In a single episode of mysterious mayhem they would kill off many characters in the show. I don’t know the reason but the episode would be fun. Lois would show that she would have done porn and Stewie would build an evil machine which would bite him in the ass. The best episodes to look out for are “German Guy” and “Trading places”.

Season 10,

In this season they would pay an homage to the pilot of the show with an improved animation and a wonderful story line. Meg would turn 18 and start dating a creepy guy in the neighbourhood. It was Quagmire. They would also do a family fan mail episode. The best episode to look out for are “Tea Peter” and “Internal affairs”.

Season 11,

In this season the kids would have Chris-Cross where they will take the position of Peter and Lois and vice versa. However that would fail when Chris would end up with a heart attack in the end. They would also have dedicated a single episode to the twelve angry man film. The best episodes to look out for are “Big fat” and “Call girl”.

Season 12,

In this season the guys will chase after god and they will meet. Quagmire would find someone as kinky as himself and Cleveland would come back to family guy because his show would have failed miserably. They would also make Peter intelligent for just an episode and it would be a success. The best episodes to look out for are “Grimm Job” and “Fresh Heir”.

Season 13,

In this season the show would take a weird turn by making the dog and baby have babies. I know it’s dumb but it would be highly effective as comic relief. There would be a big crossover with the Simpsons which would be the corner point of the season. The best episodes to look out for are “The Simpsons Guy” and  “#JOLO”.

Season 14,

In this season Quagmire would take the guys to Korea to fulfil their ambition of seeing a TV show. His own TV show. Joe would reconcile with his dad. Bonnie would run of with Brian and Peter would accidentally shoot Cleveland’s son. Chris would become a sex offender after an offence and lots of other fun things. The best episodes to look out for are”Run, Chris, Run” and “Road to India”.

Season 15,

In this season Peter would run around telling that he is Santa to get free stuff but he will learn his lesson after Santa’s punishment. Taylor Swift would date Chris but they will eventually break up. Peter would find that he has several kids from his sperm donor days. Will his reunion be smooth? Find out.

That’s all for this article. Comment your Favourite Family Guy moment and your favourite episodes down below.



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