FRANCINE SMITH-The Charismatic Companion

Francine : Listen to me Stan. I have some bad news to tell you. You’re father is not a secret agent.

Stan : I know he is a crook.

Francine : Yes how did you know.

Stan : He told me he told me everything. I’m sorry Francine.

Francine : Why?

*Locks her in a basement cage*

Stan : I’m sorry that you’re an enemy spy who wants me to settle down. Thanks to my dad you have been caught.

Francine : Damn it Stan!!!!

This little interaction would let you know about their marriage and let me tell you this is just the beginning and I’m going to explain her character and her marriage with the stiff like Stan. It will be entertaining.

Her Role,

She would be the house maker and certainly not by choice. What!!! I hear you screaming but that would be the character of Stan. He would solely want to be the breadwinner of the house and he would not like when Francine would make money more than him. So he would everything he can to stop her from working and that would actually work out in the long run as she would permanently become a house maker and she will happy with it.

Francine : This is not a hobby Stan. It’s my career.

Stan : I could have assassinated you.

Francine : What?

Stan : Nothing.

*Flashes back to him trying to assassinate his wife.

Her Marriage,

As I said she would have a weird marriage with the conservative man who would want only what he wants. Therefore she will have a tough time in her marriage but she will be okay with it most of the time. Like how he will try to set her up for a murder that his boss would commit. Try to lock her up because his father would lie to him. So yeah she would have a tough time with his husband who would not respect her as a partner.

Stan : I’m going to be selected for the republican party speech and I can’t be more happy to share it with my favorite person.

Francine : Stan I’m ready to go. Stan!!!

Stan : Will be looking at his son with a pride.

As a Mom,

She would not have a biased parenthood vision like Stan and so she would be the calm person in-house who would make everything work properly. So she would be the intermediate between Stan and Haley who would try to bite each other’s head off. But sometime she would take things a little too far which will cause trouble in the house. What kind of trouble? Well she would get jealous of Steve’s girlfriend taking care of him and would try to ruin his relationship.

Steve : That drugs is not mine.

Francine : Don’t worry Steve mommy will take of everything.

Steve : I know you did it mom and that’s why I here to break up with you.

Francine : Cries hard and leaves home.

So that’s the main things that I can tell you about Francine. But there are much more and I want you to find that out on you own. Do you like her character? Do you like the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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