Today I will talk about the side characters in the show who do have significant roles but due to the plot they would be treated as side characters. So we are going to take a look at them and their importance in the show which will be there from time to time. Some of these characters will be good and some of them bad and I have talked about a few bad guys that have a small role in yesterdays article so go check it out. So let’s take a look at the heroes side shall we?

Harvey Bullock,

The partner of James and a bit of a douche bag and an experienced one at that. He would be the perfect character for the good cop/bad cop style of investigating in the show. A good partnership when it comes to police work and jokes. We all remember him from the movies as a corrupt son of a bitch but in the show he will be getting towards that phase. So surprisingly he will be a good guy for some time and care about his cases and a good partner to James. I know it’s shocking but he will become a corrupted officer pretty soon.


As a kid he would be the smartest one of all the adults that he would meet in the show and that should not come off a surprise but he will not have good composure and no imitative in training. For that there will be Alfred an interestingly well crafted character who would help Bruce to fight,to think and to process his emotion. He would also have a mentor in James who would help him think like a detective and from a young age he would have all the skills to be the justice wielding batman.


A definite mystery character in the show who would be an important one since she would be a key witness in the Wayne family murder. She will befriend Bruce knowing the true identity of his parents murder. She would tell him that but it will take her bunch of time. She would also have share a kiss with him which would be the spark of a romantic relationship for the future. She would also teach him some street credit and at one point Bruce would leave his house to live on the streets to know more about the life of the poor and to train with Catwoman as well.

So these are the side characters in the show who would play a significant role from time to time. Which character do you like? Let me know in the comments down below.

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