GOTHAM-The Best Episodes

Today I’m going to be talking about the best episodes in the show to let guys take an educated decision to watch the show or not. So I will talk about the plot of the show without any spoilers and I have already talked about most of the characters in the show. So if you read them all you will understand the show and think about giving the show a chance. So let’s get into the article shall we?

Season 1,

In this season a rookie cop who thinks it’s dream city will understand that it’s not that and it has more corruption than anyone could ever imagine. His partner would have given up on the city and his first case would be the toughest and scandalous one in the city. He would also have a girlfriend to please. So managing them would be a little hard because of the mobs in the city. There would even be a war between all of them and James would have made a deal with the devil. He would escape that hold by cheating on his assignment but he would have his hands full with the war. The best episodes to look out for are “Spirit of the Goat” and “Rogues’ Gallery”.

Season 2,

In this season there would two parts of it which would concentrate on the normal things in the first part and wrath of the villains in the second part. Villains like Mr.Freeze,strange,riddler and the evil mayor would take a city on a wild tour. James would fight hard to keep everything in peace but he would find it a little difficult. He would have moved on to a new girlfriend after breaking up with Barbara and he would face her as a crazy ex girlfriend who would have even dated a serial killer. The best episodes to look out for are “Mr. Freeze” and  “This Ball of Mud and Meanness”.

Season 3,

In this season there would also be two parts to the story. The first one would have some weird gimmicks to the city that should be enjoyed when you watch and the second part will have the title hero rising and it would be aptly named with a threat to the city cured by James. We would also see Bruce doing something he would regret for the rest of his life. However something good will come off it. So watch out for what is that. The best episodes to look out for are “Heavydirtysoul” and “The Primal Riddle”.

Season 4,

This season has just released and I can’t give much review for it. So I will talk about once it gets over. So the best episodes to look out for are ‘I don’t know”.

So what is your favorite season and your favorite villain in the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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