GOTHAM-The Best Villains

Today I’m going to talk about the best villains in the show Gotham. you know the ones that would turn to be the best against Batman. You know the ones,penguin,riddler and such. In this show their past life would be shown. Like how they became the scariest bad guys. What happened to them and their face off with the honest cop. These interactions sometimes might be mild and sometimes the villains might even be working for the GCPD. Wait what? Got you hooked didn’t I? So let’s take a look at the villains/creators of future villains in the city of Gotham.


A weirdly walking man with a low self-esteem and insecurity who does not like to made fun of his walk. In people’s defense he does walk funny. He would just be a handyman in the gang of Fish Mooney but he would do something wrong and when he would be sentenced for execution it would James who would be forced to do it. However he would let him escape and they would suddenly become best friends. He would out throw Fish through some manipulation of the Mafia bosses but his real power would start when he would find his birth father. How? Watch the show to know more.

The Evil Cultist Mayor,

I’m not gonna talk much about this character or say his name because he would be the most exciting villain in the show and his beef would be with the city and Bruce Wayne. A 100+ years worth of beef so you know how hard he would have worked to kill his intended target. He would be the one who would break into a prison and let go of the main bad guys who would then help him get the city. Overall a crazy mayor who would be confronted only by James.

The Joker Inspiration,

After the breakout of people from the jail the evil mayor would want these guys to make the city into a war ground and one of those guys would be the one who would breathe chaos. You know someone just like the joker but not exactly the joker. He would be so crazy and the actor who would portray the role would be better than Jared Leto and that’s an understatement and you will see that when you see the show. So when people would see him on the television they would also turn towards chaos creating so many Jokers in the world. So he is my favorite villain in the show.


The man with the confusing questions and a complicated mind who terrorized Gotham city and keeping Batman always sharp in the mental department was actually a CSI member of GCPD. Yeah a cop who solved murder with science and he would also have a crush at work where all his problems would begin. He would kill her by accident and that’s where his split personality would start taking over and he would lose all his humanity and would begin his crazy transition into riddler.

So what do you think about these guys? It’s my personal list of favorites. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments down below.

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