GREY’S ANATOMY-Other Characters

This show is vast covering 13 seasons and I cannot cover them all individually,so in this one I’m going to talk about some of my favorite characters in the show. There are a lot of them but I will keep it brief. So let’s dive into the world of Grey’s Anatomy shall we?

Dr Richard Webber,

The chief of the hospital who developed the hospital from the bottom of the list and took it to the next level with his amazing leadership skills. He was the chief till the sixth season and again from the seventh till eight but he is still considered to be a leader by lot of his peers. He was the teacher who trained Bailey so you where she gets her style. His methods not only made the hospital get recognized as a trauma center but also making it a teaching central. He has created many doctors in his time as the chief and therefore he was made the residential chief to mentor the rising stars. He is doing a great job in that place as well.

Dr George O’Malley,

A scrawny you man who joined the program as an intern and wanted to be something great. The one with the hopes and dreams and the one who would be the weakest emotionally. He would ave a good childhood and a wonderful family which would make him believe the world but reality is lot different which he would learn in the hospital. He would fail his residential exam letting him know that he is not tough enough for the job but he won’t give up. He would fight for his place and he would get it. He would try to join the army as a field surgeon but before joining he would do something heroic which would… It’s a spoiler.

Dr Owen Hunt,

The doctor who joined the hospital after doing something unimaginable in the street to save a patient’s life. He would have learned this technique in the army which would earn him the job at the hospital. He would lead the trauma wing of the hospital and he would be highly efficient at his job. He would become the chief of the hospital during the hard times and he would really fight for his hospital. He is a fighter and a real good one a that,he is gentleman with a great set of skills to save lives.

Dr Izzie Stevens,

She was one of the five who joined the program as an intern,she is the one who really worked hard to get through med school. Her past would be really sad considering her childhood,teen years and adulthood but she moved on past all of that because she was the bigger person. To be the best all you have to do is rise above pain which is hard thing but Izzie would do it and she would be rewarded for it. Her character was going good in the show till season 5 and after that she would get a brain tumor. I don’t have to say what happens next because it’s implied.

Dr Mark Sloan,

He would be a best friend of Derek till his antics would land him in trouble. What antics?He is known to sleep with women,a lot of women and Derek’s wife would be one of them. This would create a rift between them and it would take a lot of time to rectify. He is a world-class plastic surgeon with an attitude which would help him to score and to piss of men. He would be a good surgeon,good at his job and a good teacher passing his torch. Passing his torch?Yes he too will be written off.Sorry guys I know this article is a little morbid but that’s the way it’s going to be.

Dr Lexie Grey,

Yes as you might have guessed she is the step sister of Meredith Grey,the dad who would abandon her would start a new family and settle down. His kid would join the hospitals internship program to work under her sister. Awkward,the situation would not bode well for Meredith but she will try to make things right with her dad and her step sister. You will love her character but don’t get too attached because she would also be written off.

These are just few of the characters in the show. There are a lot of characters in the show for you to fall in love with. I know I haven’t talked about them all but you can watch the show to know more about them. You will fall in love with every one of them.



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