HALEY & STEVE SMITH-The Divergent Duo

If you have a sibling the competitions and some friendly fights are inevitable but there would also be a family politics where getting on the good sides of your parents are very much important and seeing that come to fruition with these two would make you understand about the family politics. So let’s take a look at the two Smith kids who would have an extreme difference in their characters and their presence in the house. Also some of their behaviors outside the house. So let’s start the article shall we?

Haley Smith,

A slightly two-faced woman who would have that quality just because of her dad. She would not be the little princess of her dad or at least not anymore. That would be due to her political standpoint. You know her dad is a fun wielding conservative maniac and she would be a soft liberal who would want nothing but goodness for the world. So they will have clashes throughout the show on every political matter so she would not be the favorite of the month. However she would not be the perfect little person that she wants to be. She would always exceed the things that she needs to do to prove her point and you need to see the show to understand what I mean.

Steve Smith,

A weak son who would suck up to his dad for his attention without even knowing what he is doing. Along with three dorky friends he would have a weird and questionable tasks with them that will infuriate his dad because he would be a dork and his dad wants him to be a champ. So they would have some awesome adventures together. Also Steve would face some disappointments from his dad that would showcase what should not be done as a parent. Overall he would be a fun little addition to the family who would be a the necessary comic relief in the show.

So do you like these characters? What do you think about the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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