HANNIBAL-The Best Episodes

Today I’m gonna talk about the best episodes in the show without giving too much away. The plot of the show would also be explained without any spoilers. So without wasting any time let’s get into it.

Season 1,

The season where everyone is introduced to the darker and cooler side of Hannibal. We also get introduced to Will who will impress us with his skills. Jack will be investigating a big serial killing that would be scaring the city. So this is where everyone will meet to solve the case. Jack will be interested in Will to solve the case. Will would be interested in the case and Hannibal would be interested in Will. So everyone would be playing a cat and mouse games and the gore level of the show will be low. The best episodes to look out for are “Amuse-Bouche” and “Entrée”.

Season 2,

This season would reach the peak with everyone meeting each other at the end of the road. Will would be hunting Hannibal along with the help of Crawford. Still Will would be manipulated by Hannibal but he would know the real face of Lectar. Will they catch him and subdue him? Watch the show to know more about that because there are a lot of spoilers connected to it. The best episodes to look out for are “Hassun” and “Mukōzuke”.

Season 3,

This season is the last season of the show where thew story arc of Hannibal. We also get to know about lot of other people and their story gets over as well. This season was amazing for me because it gave a conclusion for all and it was story rich as well. However it’s not liked by many but it’s not that bad. The best episodes to look out for are “Secondo” and “Dolce”.

The name of the episodes in season are after French cuisine. Second season was after Japanese cuisine. Third season was after Italian cuisine,red dragon paintings and a phrase from Revelations.

So have you watched the show? If not give it a chance and you will love the dark psychological theme of the show.

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