HAPPY QUINN-The Mechanical Prodigy

The woman who can pretty much fix anything that is mechanical and sometimes create wonder out of rubble. She is the creator in the group who also did the legwork in keeping the group together before they would meet Paige. However she will not be good at that job but that would not be her forte. Her job would be to come up with a solution on the spot and work her magic on anything that is mechanical. She would even help Walter with his rocket. So let’s take a look at this little mechanical genius and her role in the show.

Her Role,

She would be the silent worker in the team who just works on her things and helps the team when necessary. However she should speak when the situation goes dire and she would by getting the team on the right track by saving their assess. She would also be the one who build prototypes for people’s idea and execute those ideas with her mechanical prowess. She would also be the one who would be in charge of the zingers and she would burn people from time to time. You know figuratively and hope not literally in the future.

Her Love Life,

She would not have any love interest in the show until Toby would take a liking in her character. However after many days of begging he would get a date with her and screw it up by not showing to the date. So he would fail the one chance that he would have to impress the love of his life. She will then not trust him for a while but that would change after a while because no one can stop love. Well i know that’s cheesy but that would be the case in the show. They would eventually get together and get married in the show.

Her Professional Career,

She will be a normal engineer working in a low-level job until Walter would discover her potential and recruit her for team scorpion. After her recruitment she would be the second in charge of the team and would even help Walter get his citizenship by marrying him. Obviously it was a sham but she was willing to help her friend. That would showcase her kindness. Her professional career would be represented by the various things that she would build throughout the course of the show and they would all be so cool.

Her Family,

She would be given up by his father after his wife passing away. He would be afraid that he would not be a good father and that would not be a good decision on his part. She will be in an orphanage hoping to get picked and due to her cold behavior she would not be selected which would only make her behavior worst. Due to all these abandonment issues she will not trust anyone real fast and sometimes never. However she would also find solace in the team and a family that she would love and trust.

So have you watched the show? Do you like her character? Let me know in the comment section below.

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