HIMYM-Top 5 Barney Stinson Moments

“It’s gonna be legend wait for it hope you’re not lactose intolerant dary…” This won’t become pop culture Barney. Challenge accepted. Oh boy did he complete the challenge in a great way. Yeah he did self five. Everyone is unique and Barney is certainly unique when it comes to saying something dirty straightening his tie and giving a hi-fi to himself and walking to seduce the girl that he sees across the bar. He did that for nine years in a grand way also writing a couple of books along the way. Oh by the way I was talking to myself in this one if you don’t know Barney and if you do know him then you know what everything I said meant. So without wasting anytime let’s take a look at his top 5 moments in the show.

5. Challenge Accepted,

We have heard this phrase millions of times in the show and most of that time that means he his doing some stupid stuff or tricks to pick up woman and most of that time it won’t even be a proper challenge set by someone other than him. You know he would select it for himself when someone says something and he would try to carry out it by doing everything he can. However my favorite moment of him saying that would be when Robin would call him on it and would give him an real challenge and Lily would hop in on it and they would give him tough challenges all day.

4. Suit Up!!!,

He would all be about one way of clothing. Suiting up and he would explain a valid reason for it. And the only time when he would not wear suits his when he would go to a funeral. I know that sounds weird but to him suits are happy and when he would die he would want to buried the way he came into this world. Yes weird but Marshall would approve of that decision. And the funny skits would come when he would push Ted to wear the suit and he would get no for an answer every time. I think his best moment would come when he would have to choose between a hot girl or suits!!!.

3. The Books,

So there would be two books in the show. One of them would be nice and necessary for brotherhood and the other would be a bit needed for guys trying to pick up chicks. And let me tell you both of them would be absolutely wonderful and both of their introduction into the show would be the best moments of Barney Stinson. But to me one would be when he would break the bro code that he would have written in his own book and the other one would be him trying to show off all his plays from the playbook in a separate episode.

2. Married Man,

Now imagining Barney getting married after seeing the first season would be the dumb thing ever because we knew that was never gonna happen. But that would not be the case when someone would open his eyes to the reality. That he needs to win the game and not playing the game and that would hit him hard and he would finally stop accepting challenges and he would plan to settle down. The best moment would be when he would write his plan to woo the girl he wants to marry and finally get married to that wonderful lady.

1. Everything I am….,

Let’s just say Barney would be back to his antics after a small hiccup in his marriage and he would be getting back to his playbook part 2 and personal challenges that would put him in a weird place in his life because he would be sad inside but showing that he is still a playboy on the outside. But it will all end when he would accidentally get a girl in his one night stand pregnant. He wouldn’t want to do anything with it but his friends would force him to have the kid and finally daddy would be home. The best moment would arrive when he would be talk to his newborn kid.

So these are my favorite moments of Barney Stinson. What are yours? Let me know in the comments down below.

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