HIMYM-Top 5 Lily Aldrin Moments

Barney : Ooh…. Boiiiiing….(Running off to a random girl).

Lily : Catching him by his tie and crushing it hard.

Barney : You are crushing my wind pipe.

Lily : You’re lucky that’s the only pipe I’m crushing.

That’s just one of the instances where Lily would control Barney and his activities in the show. He would hit on her even from time to time but she would keep him under wraps. Without her he would have run havoc on all woman. Now he would not be the only one in the group who Lily would take care off. She would be the den mother of the group keeping them all in line and on track. So we are going to take a look at her best moments in the show.

5. Friendship With Barney,

Her friendship with Barney would be the funniest thing and the best thing in the show from controlling him against chicks and him hitting on her constantly would create awesome skits in the show. And really I have a tough time selecting a best moment between them since there are many so many. So I’m going to just give you guys the compilation of their best moments in the show. After Lily broke up with Marshall she would struggle economically so she would crash with Barney which would be a funny episode,she would make a scrap-book for Barney’s trouble with the women and when she would be pregnant their interactions would be funny.

4. The Front Porch Test,

So she is obsessive about one thing and that would be to keep the tantalizing trio and she would go to any extreme to do it. Just see Ted’s reaction when she would show the truth about her actions and meddling in his love life. The best moment would arrive when she would not like the prospect of Ted’s ex girlfriend and she would break them up with her evil scheme and Ted would find out about this and would face her and she would spill the beans about everything. Even that she had a hand in his break up with Robin which would piss Ted obviously.

3. The Wedding Dress,

For every woman the wedding dress is a sacred one and shopping for it would be crazy as hell and that would be the same with Lily’s dress but there would be a lot of thing added to it because she would buy it by accidentally sitting on a cake while taking but the problem won’t end there because she won’t fit in that dress because she will be so skinny and she would appoint Robin to be her coach which would be a bad idea because she would take it seriously and it would produce some funny skits and best moments but in the end she would wear the beautiful dress on her wedding day.

2. Bad Ass Lily,

Even Marshall would get his first big case in the court and it would come with seriousness because he should win the case or else. So the gang would take a leave of absence from their work to be there for their best friend. During their presence in the courtroom they would start to talk about how they were bad ass in their young age including Ted and Robin. And Lily would try to show them that she would be the bad ass on in the group but everyone would laugh but the best moment would arrive when she would walk on the street and everyone would run off scared. Yeah Bad Ass Lily.

1. Marshmellow,

Now I’ going to be talking about her love for the big man himself and how they became an awesome couple in the entirety of sitcom. Well for one she supports him in all his endeavors but obviously with a bit of hardships along the way but the favorite moment would be when she would build a MarshPillow. Yes you read that right. I know it sounds a little too clingy but a pillow with Marshall’s suit would create a lot of funny skits in the show. So be on the look out for them.

So these are my favorite moments of Lily Aldrin. What are yours? Let me know in the comments down below.

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