HIMYM-Top 5 Marshall Eriksen Moments

Everyone need a goofer in their squad you know to say the unthinkable and do the unthinkable and stand out from others or at least try too and I have one of them in my crew like that and let me tell you he is weird and goofy but an awesome character overall and he would always remind me off Marshall Eriksen. So today we are going to see why is that the case and I have already talked about his role in the show so go check it out and this list is my personal favorites and you can let me know yours in the comment section down below. So let’s get to it.

5. Finishing Law School,

His number one goal in life would be to finish law school and save the world’s environment by fighting the evil corporations and he would make that fact in the later stages of his career but boy the road there would be long and hard. But nevertheless a lot funny and I think the best moment would be when he would write the board but he would forget the password to see the results and in that episode everyone would be discovering the others bad habits and Marshall’s would be the funniest off them all but that’s he would remember the password and find that he would have become a lawyer.

4. His Jealousy,

Now his jealousy is nothing like Ross’s but it has created some awkward and funny moments in the show but eventually they would have turned down his jealousy but one of the best moments would come in the first season where he would be preparing for exams and Lily would be in the bar with Robin and she would want some attention like Robin and Marshall would be a cool fiancĂ© who would say just go and chill but he wouldn’t be okay with that decision and go the bar in a fast motion and that funny skit would be hilarious in the show.

3. The Corporate Jobs,

So there is one thing that Marshall hates and that is corporate jobs but that would be the most paid one and guess where he would work for a while. Corporate not because he wants because he would need to because of his wife’s enormous debt in her cards. However the best moment would come when he would be comfortable in his corporate job which would surprise everyone but Lily would be the one who would be worried about him and give set him on the straight path. Although he would be back where he would start but hey his journey would be fruitful in the end.

2. Beercules,

During college we would have done some stupid things. Certainly not me and my crew because of two things. We cant and we won’t a deadly combination but to Marshall beercules would be an alter ego that he would try to hide and repress. But it would eventually come out when he try to take the video of him trying to do beercules. The best moment would happen when the group would see the video where he would get drunk,get naked and run around the campus shouting beercules and it would be even more fun when he would do it again.

1. LilyPad,

Obviously I was going to say this to be his number 1 moment in the show but there are like a million things that I could i say about their love but the best one would happen when they would try not to see each other for a while but they would not be able to do that and when Ted found out Marshall would spill the truth about them secretly meeting in a hotel which really showed how much they love each other and can’t be without each other. And this moment would be made even greater with Ted’s speech at their wedding.

So what are your favorite moments of Marshall Eriksen? Let me know in the comments down below.

I have talked about HIMYM and his character separately so go check them out.

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