HIMYM-Top 5 Moments

So who loved the scenes where Robin and Marshall would dance off over a drink? Or when the group nitpicks each others bad habits which became a shattering for all the others. Come on everybody did and I think the show would really shine when the gang is together and doing something crazy. And the writers would acknowledge this by having a lot of different situations where the gang would be together and do things which will make us laugh and satisfy our sitcom needs. So today I’m going to be talking about my favorite moments in the show which showed the gang in the limelight. Let’s get to it shall we?

5. Everyone Quits Smoking,

Surprisingly everyone in the gang would smoke but we wouldn’t know about it till this episode. Well we would know about Marshall and Robin but not the others. Obviously it would be surprising for everyone involved and add to the surprise we would see how they will get addicted to it once again after quitting. So there would be a lot of skits in the episode which would go back and forth on how the gang is trying to quit smoking. The best would moment would arrive when they are on the roof actually having a last cigarette and Ted would say the exact day when they all would have their last cigarette.

4. Robin vs Marshall,

As I said they would have a go at it when Marshall would have a favorite drink that he would create but Robin would be the one who would order it more so the barkeeper would name it after her which would annoy Marshall and in one of the season before that we would have learned that Marshall would have a bad hip after dancing and falling down and Lily would therefore stop him from a dance off to prove that he created the drink. the best moment would come when Robin would trick him to get into the ladies restroom where he would scare everyone off.

3. Jumping Between Buildings,

There would be a Jacuzzi on the building opposite to Ted and Marshall’s place and Marshall would always wanted to jump it but would obviously chicken out every single time and the gang would get bored with it relatively quickly and him just standing there would become more a party distraction and jokes for the gang but I think the best moment would come at the end of the fourth season when a life lesson to Ted and the gang from Lily would inspire Marshall to jump the building and he will not be the only one to jump it. All the members of the gang would jump showing change would be scary but with friends around you can do it pretty easily.

2. Saying Goodbye To Marshall’s Car,

Marshall’s priced possession in his entire life would be Lily,his kids,his friends,his family and of course his lovely car since the price he would have paid for that in humiliation and not money. And he thought he could keep his car forever even after using thousands and thousands of drive hours. Obviously he would be wrong about it. The best moment would come when everyone would be gathered at the mechanic shop to say goodbye to the car and reminiscent about their adventures in it and how they forged their relationships with that car which would be quite emotional and in Barney’s case amusing.

1. Ted’s Marriage,   

This would also be an emotional moment because the gang would have not any earlier meetings or get together before this and pretty much would have drifted apart because of various reasons but yeah everyone would have one or two big events and the biggest of them all would be Robin who would have planned not to go but someone would special would convince her mind to get to the wedding and it would be a legendary meet up at the end. The best moment would come when there would be a lovely group photo and a speech by Lily that would be a nice round-up for the show.

So I have talked about my favorite moments in the show. What are yours? Let me know in the comments down below.

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