HIMYM-Top 5 Robin Scherbatsky Moments

Ted : I saw you in her room. You’re the reason that she is not ready to move on.

Barney : What do you want me to say Ted. I thought something was there but she thought it was otherwise. It was heartbreaking but I moved on.

Ted : So you wouldn’t mind if I try to win her over.

Barney : If my bro is happy then I wouldn’t mind and if you can make her happy then go right ahead.

From there we could see that Robin was the bro even more of a bro than Ted. That would be her character in the show. Gun loving,cigar smoking,scotch drinking and news reporting baddie. We are going to take a look at her best moments in the show.

5. Bro To Barney,

So before hooking up with him,dating him and marrying him she would be the best bro to Barney than he could have ever hoped for. Even more than Ted and I know it’s really shocking. And I think one of the best moments would come when Barney would invite Robin for a bro’s night out. You know all suited up,cigars and scotches and making jokes about everyone else and she would fit right in and they would know that they are perfect for each other but they won’t act on it because she would be hung up on Ted and she would turn down Barney.

4. Canada!!,

So imagine you being in a group that makes fun of Canada relentlessly and you’re from Canada. That would be Robin in a nut shell and she would try to defend herself from the jokes but sometimes she would fuel it herself. But I think there are two moments with her nationality jokes. One where she would miss home so she would try to steal Marshall’s bar but he would show her a Canadian bar to enjoy and second where she would find out that Barney is one-quarter Canadian. That point the jokes would have all been reversed and the episode would come to life.

3. Robin Sparkles,

So I talked about teenage baddies yesterday and Lily would come out on top and when you compare it with Robin’s teen years you would laugh your ass off. She would be a pop star in Canada known as Robin Sparkles and Barney would figure this out after a bet with the gang and he would think it would be porn but it will be her singing in the malls and that would just be the first of many sparkles video that would put fun in the gang. And to stop her joke on Barney from time to time. It’s Robin Sparkles 3 Y’all. The scream which will make us all laugh out loud.

2. Gun Lover,

She loves guns and shooting it when she can and her favorite pastime,chill time,cool off place would be a shooting spot. And everyone else in the gang would hate that characteristic about her. However they know how they know where to go when she is nowhere to be found. The best moment would come when Marshall would be sad that he would be mugged so Robin would suggest that it would be safe if he had carried a gun and that would influence Lily’s decision. That will make Marshall to change his decision and would cause a lot of funny moments in that episode.

1. The Respected News Caster,

Her goal in life would not be about family,marriage or kids. It would be about one thing and one thing only and that would be her career. A respected and world-wide known news castor. Obviously reaching that would not be an easy task but she would not ever give up on her dreams and one time she would give up but Ted would put her on the right path. At the end she might have separated herself from the gang but she would have reached the top in her career. All thanks to her friends and her own dedication.

So I have talked my personal moments of Robin from the show. What are yours? Let me know in the comments down below.

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