HIMYM-Top 5 Ted Mosby Moments

Sometimes life can give someone too much off a realty check that would cripple them to move on in their life. In that regards I can draw a lot of comparisons between me and Ted Mosby. However those comparisons would fade away when you calculate the fun he had in his twenties. So I’m going to talk about the best moments of Ted Mosby and some might be sad ones but there would be more to it than that and the first two lines would be the best example of it. Before you get confused read the articles that I wrote about the show and his character in the show and then read this one. So let’s get to it shall we?

5. The Tantalizing Trio,

I talked about them in an individual article but I think they play a greater role in his life than everyone else and they are deserved to be in this list of Ted’s best moments in the show. There are plenty of moments that fill in this void but to me the best would be during when Ted would have a crisis proving that he has good judgement. And after checking all his recordings he would come to that conclusion as well but he would have made the marshmellow ans lillypad love possible after making Marshall to make the perfect decision.

4. Awesome Professor,

Now in no way his career would be considered bad or crushed until he would lose his job and plan to do it all alone as a business in a stand alone way. It won’t go really well since he would not have the skill to communicate and convince himself. But that would all be for the good since he would get a job as a professor and a chance to meet the love of his life and being an awesome professor would make this moment even more special. Also a chance to build a skyscraper as a professor would be the icing on the cake.

3. The Belt,

So Barney takes things a little serious,like calling himself king by someone would urge him to buy a crown and wear it proudly. Nothing wrong with that right? Well Ted and Barney would have a bet that whoever gets the tricycle first (ie) having a threesome first and if they win they would get the belt. Barney would lose it because of the pressure and sabotage his own chances of winning and Ted would get a chance to win and he would try to ruin it for him as well but he would do it in the end. Wait will he? That would be the mystery  but a best moment nonetheless.

2. You’re All Alone Ted,

Now this one would be a sad one. After watching the episode this would be echoing in your ears through eternity if you are in the same place as Ted. In this episode Ted would waiting for a group activity that would be a routine for them and he would play a scenario in his head and we would think it would just be a funny skit in the episode but at one point reality would show its ugly head and Barney saying everything that happened today happened years ago this is just a memory. Look around you Ted you’re all alone.

1. The Mother Of His Kids,

Well obviously this is going to be number 1. Come on was there a doubt. That’s literally the name of the show how I met your mother. It would be the best moment in the show and my favorite would be when he would meet her at the end of the show and have the courage to stand up and talk to her and all the other awesome things that happened would give you the most satisfaction in the show. Not the robin part of the finale. That was just wrong.

So I have talked about my favorite moments in the show. What are yours?  Let me know in the comments down below.

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