HOMELAND-Other Characters

I have talked about the main leads of the show and the overall impact of the show and today I’m going to talk about the side characters who are important but not that vital to the plot of the story. These characters left their impact on the show which helped the success of the show.

Saul Berenson,

A co-worker of Carrie and a mentor who would do anything to save his country. He was in the high pecking order whose job is to control certain agents. He is the one person,apart from Carries family who would know about her condition and he would still believe in her potential. He would also have some family issues but he will dedicate all his energy to the welfare of the agency. He will become the head of CIA at one point in the show but he will also tricked by his trusted colleagues which will hurt his reputation. The actor who played the role would have done a great job.

Pete Quinn,

Introduced in the second season he would play the role of a tough interrogator for the agency. He will be a force to be reckoned with because he knows all the tricks to get the information out of anyone. He would just start as a secondary character but he would rise to the top because of his role and acting. He would be a key character in the later parts of the show and he would help Carrie in some of her crazier endeavors.

Jessica Brody,

She would be the loving,caring wife of Nicholas Brody but that would be only till his presence in the states. After his disappearance she would stay true to the marriage for not that long. She would move on with his best friend. This would be terrible because she would be the one who would come out and say it’s wrong to move on and she won’t even say it to the kids. This will be end badly with the kids hating their mom. She will also lose her husband,her boyfriend and the respect of her kids.

Fara Sherazi,

She will join the cast in the later part of the show but she will play an important role in Carrie’s team of spies. She would be good at infiltrating and she will use her skills to get close to the enemies. These enemies will be highly dangerous and they will be constantly on the look out for any moles in the organisation to kill. She will be highly knowledgeable to stay alive and feed information to Carrie.

Dana Brody,

The teenage daughter of Brody would have the worst fictional life in the show. Her younger brother would have been so young when his dad would go missing and he would pretty much grow up without him but she will face the agony of losing her dad and a little old to understand her hypocrite mother sleeping with her dad’s best friend. This will leave an emotional scar in her life but she will save her dad’s life and America with her love.

These are the just a few characters who would have done their best to portray their role. There are some more characters in the show and they won’t play that much of a role but you will enjoy their shorter presence. Just look out for them in the show and meanwhile enjoy these characters as well because they are well crafted and thoroughly enjoyable.




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