HOUSE OF CARDS-Other Characters

We have taken a look at all the main characters in the show and I have also talked about the main aspect the show. However there are several other characters that makes a core in the show and play an important role from time to time. These characters will play dividend from time to time but they will be eventually written off. Let’s take look at their role and their presence in the show.

Zoe Barnes,

She would be a low life journalist in the Washington herald who would work on some small titbits in the paper but she would want more and that’s a dangerous wish in the town where people have politics for breakfast. She will struggle a few times but she will track down and fin Frank to make him the informant and she would be willing to give herself to him to just get the information. I know it’s a little degrading but she will be willing to go that far. The thing that started her off passion will be her demise. Her dying would be obvious but the way she would die is amazing.

Peter Russo,

Yet another victim in the violent revenge of Frank. However you can’t feel sad for him because he should blame himself for what happened to him. Drugs,Drinks and Hookers will be staple for his life which will cause Frank to know a bit too much about him which will let have a check over his head and he will be used in many errands that Frank will sent him off on. Frank would also mould him for the governor’s race but that will just be another ruse in his plans to take over the white house. Unfortunate that he paid the prize with his life.

Edward Meechum,

A normal capital police who would be assigned to Frank and he will just be a side character until his enthusiasm for the job which would take him to the secret service. He will become a great agent in their book and a personal favour for the Underwood’s to even going far as having threesome with them. Again open marriage. He will lead a quite normal life saving the president from various threats but it will change when there will be a live threat on the field. He will save the president by sacrificing his life.

President Walker,

The dumb president who would be easily manipulated by everyone around him. An easy target for Frank. He might have the charm in his favour to take on the seat but that would be nothing without any brains. This reason would be taken into account by Frank who will use it to his advantage and he will manipulate him even to a point of breaking him in the end to be the president himself. Walker not a smart guy to run in the office.

Lucas Goodwin,

Yet another reporter who would want to have a romantic relationship with Zoe but he will be phased out but eventually they will start dating and they will uncover some truth about Frank which will scare him but they will uncover some truth and after Zoe’s demise he will keep on fighting but he will be framed for a cyber attack deliberately and he will have a tough time in prison and when he comes out he will have vengeance in his eyes.

Linda Vasquez,

The women who would be the president chief of staff and she will hired because of Frank. However she will be the bearer of bad news for Frank and he will have her name added to the revenge list. She will help him and be against him and again help him and finally Frank will have the last blow where she will be fired by the president. She will know what’s coming and she ill move out of Frank’s way.

There are lot more characters in the show that I haven’t covered but I will do them tomorrow with the help of context of the plot.


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