HOUSE OF CARDS-The Best Episodes

Today I’m going to cover the best episodes to look forward in the show. Since the episodes will be released in a single day with only 13 episodes per season you could watch the entire thing in a single weekend. Therefore I’m going to explain the plot of the show. Obviously without any spoilers. I will talk about some characters that I missed out yesterday as well. Let’s get into it shall we?

Season 1,

In this season we would see Frank being betrayed by the president and him formulating a plan with his wife. That’s all you will understand in the first season because the plan will be elaborate and constructive. Sometimes a lot risky but we won’t understand the heads or tails of the situation but you will be cleared once the end of the season will arrive. At that point everything will make sense. The characters that i missed yesterday Janine Skorsky who would be the one who cover the White house articles and she will be the one who would start the investigation into Frank but she will understand the mistake and run away. Then you got Frank’s secret,the ribs place that keeps dear to his heart where his friend Freddy will cook him the best ribs in the world. The best episodes to look forward are “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 10”. Yes there are no episodes name only chapters.

Season 2,

In this season Frank will work being an amazing vice president but that’s not his end goal. He wants to be the president himself but to get himself there he has to be ruthless. He also needs to face a terrible blast from the past and he needs to plan perfectly for the future. They would have introduced a character in the show in the last season but we wouldn’t know the reach of his power. His name would be Raymond Tusk,a strong opponent of Frank. It’s not about the billions of dollars that he has but what it represents,his life achievement. They will go out on an all out war bringing the president into the mix. This will end well for Frank making him the president of the united states. The best episodes to look out for are “Chapter 15” and “Chapter 20”.

Season 3,

The presidency won’t go as smooth as he would want because his plans will be blocked by congress and the democrats would have chosen not to make him a candidate for the next election. However he will bounce back to have a strong foothold in the presidential race. That won’t be the point of the season. His fight with Claire would be the problem. That and losing his right hand man Doug. He would fall so hard into the ground but then again it will be a big part of their plan. However the losses he will take would be huge and sometimes they will even look so terrible something that you can’t back from but if someone can the Underwood’s can. That could have been a great campaign slogan. The best episodes to look forward are “Chapter 28” and “Chapter 36”.

Season 4,

Frank will still be separated from Claire and they both will want to finish it on their own. This will be a problem since they will lose ground on multiple fronts but they will bounce back after the tragedy that will befall on Frank. He will come back to deal with his Republican counter part who will challenge him for the post. They will duke it out at key moments in the show and in that time Frank would have won the campaign trails making the democrats only choice. They will face tough times in the race for the presidency but knowing they will definitely pull it through. It ended with a pretty big suspense so I’m looking forward to the fifth season. The best episodes to look forward are “Chapter 43″ and Chapter 50”.

There are lot more characters in the show that I haven’t talked about because of the staggering intensity of the show. So watch it on your own and be amazed.

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