HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER-The Tantalizing Trio

Today I’m going to talk about the greatest trio in the show business when it comes to friendship. The trio consists of Ted,Marshall and Lily. This trio really set a great example on how a single guy can be really friends with a married couple. It’s always tough for the writers to pull off a trio in this category but HIMYM would have nailed it. Everyone in the show would have a perfect friendship arc but this trio is the one that spoke to me. This kind of story arc is tried in an other show before but it didn’t have a perfect success. The writers of this show took notes from that failure and really created an awesome upgrade that had instant success with the fans.

The start to their friendship,

Their friendship would start in a dorm room in college where Ted and Marshall would first meet. At first they would hate each other till a trip. That trip would change their entire perspective about each other and this will create a brotherhood between them. Then Lily would meet Marshall and they would start dating. This is the point where you would think Ted will become an outcast but that’s not the case. Ted would be the one who would help Marshall get his girl. They would smoke weed and chill in their dorm room. This level of friendship is hard to come in the modern age.

Why their friendship is great,

In this case two things would happen to people’s friendship. The girl would either break the guys bond or the guy would push his friend into a break up but that won’t be the case with these three. Their friendship will definitely leave you speechless. They were so close in college which made them to get a new apartment together and be together even after they finish college. They have their own limits and they know their boundaries. Therefore they would enjoy each others company and the company of others. Lily giving Ted advice about women,Marshall and Ted’s road trips and the Halloween costumes the trio would dress up as would always make you laugh.

The friendship’s viability,

Their friendship won’t build on weed. They would always have each others back and the would take care of each other and seeing through the good and bad times together as salt,pepper and cumin which was one of their Halloween costume. Their friendship won’t lose its shine after Barney or Robin’s induction into the gang. This trio is something else and i think no one can ever pull this off in TV ever again. The reason it was a great success is because it stems from a true story. Yeah the entire show is based upon the writers life,Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are Ted and Marshall where one of them would find the love of his life and the other would find her but only after some hardships. This is the plot line in a nutshell but there is lot more to it.

Their awesome moments in the show,

In the second season Ted and Robin would move in together and until this point Marshall,Lily and Ted would be living together for most of their adult life and Ted would be the one who would have run the show. So obviously when he would move out the couple would have problems handling their own but Ted will move back in and they would just hug him to their heart’s content. Another great moment is in their wedding when Ted would give his best man speech. That would move you.

The reason I talked about this reason in the show is because how rare and wonderful it is to see this friendship. The show which tried this was FRIENDS where they would have tried it with Ross,Monica and Chandler but there would be a brother sister barrier which would have hindered their potential to explore that side of the story. In this show it’s a whole new ball game,they would have taken it to the next level. My point is i don’t have this style of friendship and most of you won’t have it either but if you do then you’re the luckiest person in the world. Don’t screw it up.

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