How To Get Away With Murder-The Fabulous Five

Today we are going to talk about the five interns that get into the job for learning the profession. These guys will get into trouble right away which will essentially put the title of the show into play. So let’s take a look at the people and their role in the show. Some of them will feel bitchy from time to time but that would all be situational. You would feel emotionally connected to these characters in many ways. Let’s start from the least fan favorite to the most and in the end I will let you know about my favorite.

Michaela Pratt,

She is one of the woman’s character in the show who would be in an actual relationship without any foolhardiness. She will nearly be engaged in the show but it would all go to hell when she would doubt her fiancée and fight the parents on a prenup. She would also be the negative one in the group. her negativity will be useful sometimes because she will ask the right question when needed and let me tell you for the things needed in the show she will be right for the team. So what could go wrong with her eh? Watch the show to know more.

Asher Millstone,

He will be the rich boy douche bag in the show. Yeah those guys still exist. He would be interested in Bonnie which will cause some awkward moments in the show. He will have father in the Justice department who will come into play in the later stages of the show. He will not be a part of the plot and instead he will be given a separate plot for a while. He will also be the one who would take petty things seriously and cause problem to everyone. He would change after a while because of certain things that would change him. What is that ? Watch it to know more.

Connor Walsh ,

He would have a bright take on the world with a bit of hook up streak before joining the group. However the incident will turn him to an incredible paranoid,doubtful person who would question everything in life. It’s not cool to always look above your shoulders but he would live life-like that because of that incident. He will second all the things that Michaela would suggest and they would form a weird brother/sister bond in the show.

Laurel Castillo,

She will also be a weird chick who would start to date Frank just because she wanted to sleep with him. She would continue the relationship even when she knew that he would have a girlfriend. They will eventually break up after she discovering his secrets. She will be the brainy one in the group and the one who would be the anchor in the group. She will be the one who would ask the right question at the right time and not get deterred by the fear reason that she would face after the incident. She would be the one who would fight to avenge the truth.

Wes Gibbins,

He would be the special child and an part of the show who would be selected as a lucky break in the start. After the development of the plot we will get to know a lot about his life and which will give us a new perspective. He will give a new perspective to the cases and some quirky ones that would solve some cases. by no mean he is the hero of the show but his character would be most powerful and most useful as well. So when you watch the show just have a look at this character.

My favorite character in the show out of this five students is Laurel who is just the best. So have you watched the show? Do you like these character? What’s your favorite character? Let me knows in the comment down below.

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