JAMES GORDON-The Rational Commissioner Of Gotham

I know everyone is a big fan of Batman and its common knowledge that he is the defining point for DC comics. Why? Well every villain he would face is awesome and so are his side kicks. A cool detective,a great fighter,master tactician and much more. He would also have an interesting origin story from which the character I want to talk about will emerge. “A hero can be anyone,even someone who puts a blanket around a young man and reassuring that the world hasn’t ended”.  The apt description of Gordon from the words of batman himself. So let’s take a look at this unspoken hero from the show shall we?

His Role,

He would be the main lead of the show and a new comer to the police department of Gotham. His expectations of the city and the police force would be a little different and his experience would get affected because of that. Imagine being the only good guy in the entire city with corrupt cops and mass mob. Also his first case would be to solve the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents which is a very hard thing to do. So he would get a partner Harvey and they would try to solve the case. That’s where he would meet Bruce and give him hope and promise him that he will solve the case.

As A Cop,

Again as the only good cop he would have tough time clearing the trash out of the street and his partner would help out from time to time. However he would face some hardships when there would be a war in Gotham,new captain and a psycho girlfriend. Actually make that two psycho girlfriends. And who can forget the crazy villains and an evil cultist mayor. Sounds exciting as a fan isn’t it but as a cop he would have a tough job to bring justice to the city but he will try his best.

The City,

At first the city would have two main mob bosses and one who would want to take his place. And that person would be Fish Mooney. Her goal would be to remove Falcone and become the big time gal of Gotham but that would be shattered due to the presence of Penguin. You know the weird guy who would walk like a penguin and hence the name would be an assistant to Fish and he would have plans on his own.

As A Mentor,

He will be a mentor to Bruce and he would promise that he would solve his parents case. He would also help Alfred in controlling Bruce and making him realize that revenge is not all important in life. He would also face some weird villains in the batman world so he could warn Bruce when he grows. You know the job of a perfect mentor. So he would have completed his job on that front. But on the solving thing not so much. Well at least till now. There is still more time.

So do you like his character? In the comic books,movie or the show? Let me know in the comment section below.

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