JAMES WILSON-The Wisdom Welding Companion

The man who have the power to control House. That is a skill indeed. However the reign of his controlled to a certain extent and that would be obviously due to House and his innate ability to not listen to people. So what made him change his mind when it comes to James and how would they take on life together. The show would really highlight their friendship both of them would live together. That part of the show will be amazing and real funny. So let’s talk about the friendship and Jame’s life to give you guys the bigger picture of the show. So let’s get into it shall we?

His Role,

He would play a side role in the show where he will be a doctor in the same hospital as House but in an entirely different department. The oncology department.,where he would help House during his theories and scan patients for cancer. That’s where they both would become friends and sometimes they would even disagree on things in the case which will make them really interesting. Their fights will make others uncomfortable but they would know that it was just for fun. He would also be the one who would help House during his rehab days and prison days.

His Professional Life,

He would be an oncologist who would be a surgeon and researcher who would try to cure the incurable disease but sometimes he would face losses which will really bring him down. That’s when House would come into the picture to take his mind of the sadness. He would also be the one who would take on the mantle when House would not be interested in the case. He would also lead his team when House would be lost in the realm of Vicodin or get arrested for his condescending attitude. He would play every role in the show to perfection.

His Personal Life,

This would be really interesting because he will have a sad personal life. This would actually intrigue House and he would take an interest in his life. He would have a lot of divorces which would make him lonely and at a certain point House and him would live together because of that. He would have a love interest in the show but that would not end well for both parties. Obviously I’m not gonna say what it is and what would happen because it would be spoilers.

His Skills,

Again as a head of oncology in a reputed hospital is enough to respect him as a doctor but on top of that he will control House and his actions. So kudos to him on that fact. He will also be the one to do lot of research in curing cancer and he would have success in his own field. He would also have success in saving a lot of patients in House’s area. He would also live with House for a while. So a jack of all trades in the show.

So have you watched the show? Do you like his character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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