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Today I’m going to talk about the side characters in the show who would have a small role but an effective one in the show. These two characters will be absolutely powerful in their own right and plot and one of them will have a separate show. Yes it’s Luke Cage. Wait what is he doing here? He would have a sizable role in the show that would set him up his own show. The other would be an annoying one in the show but he will have an impact on the plot as well. So let’s get to it shall we?


He would be a normal police officer who would have a normal life until his meet with the villain. Patsy as we know is a radio jockey and the foster-sister of Jessica. She would piss off Kilgrave in her show and he would send Nuke to kill her. However Jessica would intervene and save her and follow Nuke to find the location of Kilgrave. She would find him but Kilgrave would ask Nuke to fall off the building and he would but Jessica would save him and tell him to move on but he won’t. He will come back to ask sorry to Patsy and hanging out too much they will become a lot closer. I know it’s idiotic but they would have explained it well. He would have a secret of his own that would cause a problem to both Kilgrave and Jessica and it’s a big spoiler so watch the show to find out.

Luke Cage,

He would be a superhero himself living in the street of New York in a normal fashion. he would have his own bar and he would serve drinks for weary travelers. You can see how he and Jessica would have met right? Yeah and that won’t stop there they will have a one night stand and some more. However due to a slip up of Jessica he would be revealed of his power and he would tell the truth to her and he will also help Jessica with Kilgrave. But he would be caught in the power of Kilgrave and he would fight against Jessica and his end point in the show will be amazing. He would also be connected with in another way but it’s spoilers so I won’t spoil it for you guys.

So do you like these two dudes? Do you like their impact on the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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