JESSICA JONES-The Best Episodes

I know Jessica Jones just has one season and talking about the best episodes from a set of 13 episode is redundant. But I’m going to do it anyway. I will Just talk about the plot of the show and it’s progression which will give you guys an idea about the show and my favorite episode along with the favorite of the critics. Also remember I won’t give away any spoilers for you guys. So let’s get started with the story shall we?

Season 1,

The season begins with Jessica explaining her line of work and what are things that she should do to keep it going. She would also be a drunk with a problem from her past which she won’t share. She will find Luke Cage by accident but after that she will have a smooth conversation with them and everything will work out for a certain point of time. She will get a case about a mysterious person who would put her in a state of fear. Even to a point where she will try to leave town but she will go find Patsy and tell her all about the situation and try to escape but her inner PI won’t let her do it. So she will take the case and try to solve it when she would find out about the person behind it was the person who tormented her with his power. So that’s when the battle would begin and it would be a long and hard one. Even the mighty Luke Cage the unbreakable guy would be broken because Kilgrave only break minds. Jessica will try to cure Kilgrave because she knows that he was an experiment gone wrong. You know after living with him for a while and learning about his past. She will even try to make him a super hero but it will all end in vain. We would also get to know a little about Jessica’s power and the origin behind it. A little investigation by Patsy with her mom would show a lot about it. I think this would be the place where I stop because there are a lot more to talk and all of them are spoilers so please watch the show and enjoy the pleasant surprises. The best episodes to look out for are “AKA 99 Friends” and “AKA Top Shelf Perverts”.

So do you like the show? Have you watched the show before ? If not will you give a chance ? Let me know in the comments down below.

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